[announcement] Update to Game System ver.1.2 (Feb.27th updated)

Thank you for always playing MCH.

To optimize the MCH ecosystem, we update the node and game system to Ver.1.2.

Date and time

UTC:8:00 Feb. 4th, 2019 (Maintenance time 6:00 — 8:00 UTC)


(1) node ver.1.2

· New Extensions
· Adjustment of difficulty
· Change in consumption of hero stamina
· Necessary time to recovery has been changed
· Algorithm of “MYZO system” has been updated 
· Limitation for daily quests has been abolished. etc.

For details, please see the following article.

(2) “MCH Prime”

With the new system, MCH Prime you will receive following benefits for 30 days.

(1) Expanding the number of teams from 3 to 6
(2) Can challenge Limited Node for Prime Users
(3) Daily Bonus

· Price: 0.1 ETH 
· It is possible to purchase with 1000 GUM until May 31st (Feb.27th updated : Extended period)
· You can purchase that right again from 5 days before the end
· Purchase cost of MCH prime will not be subject to referral
· The daily bonus that all members have been able to use will be terminated. Only MCH prime will receive Daily bonus.

(3) Change rule of Lab “Sell Rep. Extension”

· The minimum guarantee (0.05 GUM / Crypto Energy) of the conversion rate of “Crypto Energy” and “GUM” is abolished

· Apply the conversion rate calculated from the amount of “Crypto Energy” and “GUM” accumulated in Lab

As a result of the above, the total selling price may be 0 GUM depending on the conversion rate situation.

When selling multiple replica extensions at the same time, GUM will be paid out from the total selling price rounded down to the decimal point.

(4) Change rule of “Transfer to Ethereum Network”

The rule change is as followed.

· For application to laws and ordinances, only heroes / extensions that satisfy one of the following two conditions can be transferred.
(1) Lv. 2 or higher
(2) Either ‘Art Edit’ or ‘Adding Nickname’ is being done

· Each transfer cost will be changed from 40 GUM to 100 GUM

Increase the Gwei setting from “Cryto World” to “Ethereum Network” and improve the transfer speed.

(UTC 13:00 Feb.4th updated)

(5) Change of “Nickname”

Change the rule so that you can change Nickname.

Cost: 100 GUM per time
Schedule: Feb.4th (There is a possibility of postponement depending on development situation)


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