The 2nd or later distribution of $RAYS

Kengo Masuyama
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4 min readJan 1, 2022


We are pleased to announce the second distribution of “My Crypto Heroes -Rays Mining-”.

Visit here to claim $RAYS.

The first distribution is available here.

To see the Whitepaper of “My Crypto Heroes -Rays Mining-”, please visit here.

Jan 6th Updated:
For the second and later distributions to token ($RAYS, $MCHC) holders, the token must be held on the Polygon or Ethereum in order to meet the requirements. Please note that token holder data on exchanges cannot be referenced.

Jan 9th Updated:
* For each distribution period, we added the claim deadline (one week).
* The distribution schedule has been adjusted to the release date.

Jan 10th Updated:
* As the Ignition Event, the drop rate of the chest in node:Soul is up to be 30% (10% as usual).
* The drop rate will be displayed on the game.

Jan 16th Updated:
We added the following about the 2nd distribution.
* We put the current Soul holder information.
* To avoid the over effect to the current ecosystem, we changed “100,000 Souls equivalent” to “9k $RAYS for each Soul.”
Also, let me change some plans for 3rd and later distribution.
* The total number of the distribution in each phase will not be disclosed.
* As for the pace of distribution, we plan to complete the distribution in about a month, but we will redesign the distribution date.
* However, there will be no change in the main distribution target, “MCH-NFT holders”, “MCHC holders”, and “Soul holders”. Also, we will be aiming to distribute 500k Souls equivalent, as we already announced.

Feb 10th Updated:
We are sorry for the late announcement. Let me update about the third or later distribution of RAYS.
Airdrop target:
・We will airdrop $RAYS to “MCH-NFT holders”, “MCHC holders”, “Soul holders”, and “New users as a marketing”.
Distribution Amount:
・As previously announced, we will distribute $RAYS equal to 500,000 Soul at most. Additionally, we will airdrop it at a slow pace not to affect the market.
Distribution Date:
・It takes a long time to finish distributing $RAYS, because we need to gather various kinds of data and adjust it. So, please let us re-fix the distribution date again. We will announce it as soon as possible, and arrange the distribution schedule with the marketing plans.


After the release of “My Crypto Heroes -Rays Mining-”, we will set up the following events

  • First two weeks: Ignition event

In the first two weeks, you don’t need to pay MCHC to summon a new Soul.

Also, the drop rate is up to be 30%!

  • First month: boosting events

In the first month after the launch, $RAYS will be distributed to those who meet the conditions.

The concept of the initial phase of the $RAYS distribution is as follows

  • Fair Launch
  • Focused distribution to ecosystem contributors

Ignition events

The following campaigns will be held as ignition events. During the ignition event we will be reducing the cost for a soul so that the users do not have to use MCHC for a Soul summon.

The creation of the Soul requires 9000 $RAYS and 10 $MCHC under normal circumstances, but during ignition events, no $MCHC is required to summons a Soul.

Jan 22nd, updated:
Duration: 2 weeks from the time of release (~30 January 2022)

Boosting events

In order or to increase the supply of $RAYS for users to be able to use them, we plan on distributing $RAYS in 4~5 installments, up to a maximum of 500,000 units.
Below you will find the schedule and who is eligible for the distribution.

All claim deadlines are one 1 week. The token will be disappeared if you miss it.

※Please note that this may vary slightly depending on how Soul is generated.

Second distribution

  • For: Soul holders
  • Number of $RAYS units: 9,000 $RAYS per 1 Soul
  • Claim availability: Jan 16th, 3 pm (UTC)

Jan 16th Updated:

Here’s the current status.

  • Soul Holders: 2905 addresses
  • Total amount of Soul: 3563 Souls

The amount of $RAYS and Soul claimed in the first distribution is lower than we expected. So, to avoid the over effect on the current ecosystem, we changed the amount of RAYS distribution in the Second distribution.

Third distribution

  • Target group: MCH NFT holders and MCHC holders
  • Snapshot time: any time after release

Details of the breakdown will not be disclosed, but distribution will be done on an inclined basis by MCHC holders.

The distribution will be based on the number of MCHC held on Ethereum Mainnet or the Polygon Network, and the number of MCHC pooled on the following DEX.

Eligible DEX

  • 【Ethereum】uniswap: ETH-MCHC Pair
  • 【Polygon】QuickSwap: wMATIC-MCHC Pair, wETH-MCHC Pair.

Fourth distribution

  • For: Soul holders
  • Snapshot time: any time after release

Fifth distribution

  • Target group: TBA
  • Snapshot time: TBA

The content of the article is subject to change.

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