A Change of Producers

Hi, everyone. I’m Kengo. Thank you for reading this Medium Article.

From Oct 1st, “Game-Senmu” will be the new producer of My Crypto Heroes.

Please see below for a final message from current producer Kengo, followed by the new Producer, Game-Senmu.

From Kengo

Looking Back on 6 months

I was Producer from April to September and during that time received a lot of support from our players. Thank you.

My Crypto Heroes has been out for over a year and a half, and as our first game with an integrated “economy” there were a lot of issues that we’ve encountered and overcome.

The economy and game system has changed week by week, and when updating I always tried to integrated an ecosystem that the users can own

Top two projects most important to me while being producers was,
- Decreasing Free-GUM
- and implementing Cryptid Wars and JIN to increase GUM demand.

While I a fully user lead ecosystem is still a ways off, I hope my initiatives have helped pave the way.

The next Producer, Game-Senmu, was a MCH player prior to joining double jump.tokyo. I hope he will lead My Crypto Heroes to better blockchain game.

MCH will always be supported by user community and I thank you for your continued support of MCH.

Next Steps

October and November will become the most important some of the most important and exciting months in MCH history and I will be supporting Game-Senmu is forthcoming efforts.

I will continue to do my best to create the world that double jump.tokyo envisions with My Crypto Heroes.


From Game-Senmu

Hi, everyone. I’m Game-Senmu, the next Producer.

As Kengo said, I was a MCH player prior to joining double jump.tokyo. I was asked to become a planner for My Crypto Heroes.
There is much pressure in being a Producer, but I will do my best.

Previous Producers Mori and Kengo Producer have discussed with me constantly the best direction to take My Crypto Heroes in.

My vision for MCH is, “A world managed by users”. A vision I’ve had since just being a MCH player.

I will soon publish the road-map from October to November, and inform what is in store in the coming months!

Please wait for the more announcements and Please support me along this journey! :)

Thank you.

My Crypto Heroes

website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/
discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByB
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_



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