[tips] “Zhao Yun”, “Diao Cha” and “Blaise Pascal”| Hero Introduction (Mar.9th updated)

This time we will introduce “Zhao Yun”, “Diao Cha” and “Blaise Pascal” which will be on sale from February 5th.

Zhao Yun

Rarity : Epic
Sales period : [UTC] February 5th 7:00 — February 12th 6:00 
Distribution initial price : 50% of the final purchase price of “Tomoe Gozen”
Total issues : 100

Diao Chan

Rarity : Rare
Sales period : [UTC] February 5th 7:00 — February 12th 6:00
Distribution initial price: 50% of the final purchase price of “Huang Zhong”
Total issues: 250

Blaise Pascal

Rarity : Novice
Sales period : [UTC] February 5th 7:00 — Indefinite period(3/9 updated)
Distribution price: 500GUM (Fixed price)
Total issues: No limit (only 1 sold per person)

  • Novice hero is sold at a fixed price. “Stock-linked Dutch auction method” does not apply.
  • Novice hero can not “trade” and “transfer to Ethereum Network”.

Stock-linked Dutch auction method

Stock-linked Dutch auction method is used as a selling method in the Crypto World. (Except “Novice Hero”)
 — That is, the value of each hero decreases gradually with time, and increases each time when the hero is purchased.
 — The minimum price will be half the price of the highest bid price.
 — As the quantity of stock decreases, the growth rate of the price will increase (as far as 100%).

The sales start price is 50% of the last purchase price of the same reality sold last time.

If you succeed in purchasing a hero, you can not purchase the same hero until 1 minute later.

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