[Announcement] Campaign in GUM market: Capped Trade Fee

We will carry out the campaign, which caps the Trade Fee in GUM market for any trade above 10,000 GUM.


The maximum trade fee will be capped at 1,000 GUM in the GUM market.


May 15th 2020 3:00 am ~ Jun 15th 3:00 am (UTC)


During that time, you can trade high price assets in the GUM market. The trade fee (10%) will be capped at 1,000 GUM.

・Trade of 10,000GUM or below.
As usual, the trade fee is “Trade Price * 10%”, and share to Land and Artists is the same as usual.
・Trade of 10,001GUM or more.
The trade fee will be 1,000 GUM, independent of how high the trade value is. Also, share to Land and Artists is the same as usual based on the 1,000 GUM.

  • This does not apply to art trade.


If you are not aware, here is the usual artist and land’s share percentage.

1. If the hero’s art gets 30 likes, the artist can get 30% of the trade fee as Art Royalty.
2. If the hero’s art gets 100 likes, the artist can get 60% of the trade fee as Art Royalty.
Land Extension:
Land gets 50% of the trade fee as Land Revenue.

Thank you.

Producer Letter From Kengo

Let me explain more about this campaign.

Now, GAS fees are very high, which makes the trade on Ethereum difficult.

As you know, GAS fee is uncontrollable from us. This is a really difficult problem.

Additionally, GUM market is currently not the best place to trade for users:
I think this is because 1) current inflation of GUM value and 2) high trade fee.

From the existing Data, there are not many trades of 10,000GUM or more.
I think that mainly the high trade fee makes the trade difficult.

I hope this campaign will activate GUM market trade more.

Note: Why don’t we choose to make the trade fee half?

Because Land revenue will be also half if we do that.
As I mentioned in the road-map, we won’t carry out campaigns which are against incentives.
This campaign has the potential that the high-value-trade, which we haven’t seen in GUM market, will happen and also increases Land revenue.

After calculating the result, there is a possibility that it may continue from June.

Thank you.

The content subject to be changed.

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