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JIN is a team-enhanced item that aims to “provide a place of activity for various heroes” and “change the battle environment”. In the future, it will be sold as a “new element of the GUM ecosystem”.
In order to make JIN enjoyable contents, this time we will release “TRIAL-JIN” for the purpose of verifying battles using JIN.
We will do everything we can to make it better for the official release, so please give us your feedback.

(You can post here in English!)


・You can try TRIAL-JIN in the arena.
・It can be selected and used when setting 99 teams.
・It will be added as a free arena regulation. (The period is undecided)

Contents of JIN combination skill / Its trigger

・JIN combination skills are mainly the effect of changing the environment. (Details will be announced later)
・JIN combination skills are activated under the following conditions.

① The heroes specified in JIN appear in the battle
② Meets the conditions specified for each JIN

・It also applies to replica heroes who are valid (not applicable to replica heroes have expired)

TRIAL-JIN release schedule

Scheduled for early September

Introduction of JIN you can try this time

(* The order of the specified heroes is in no particular order.)

The Blackbeard Pirates

Designated Hero: Mary Read / Blackbeard / Anne Bonny

The world’s three most beautiful women

Designated Hero: Cleopatra / Yang Guifei / Ono Komachi


Designated Hero: Toshizo Hijikata / Isamu Kondo / Soji Okita

Oath of the Peach Garden

Designated Hero: Liu Bei / Guan Yu / Zhang Fei

JIN that you can try will be added in the future.

Notes / Future plans

・Specifications / effects are subject to change without notice.
・After verifying with this Trial-JIN, we are planning sale them as “Replica-JIN” and “Original-JIN”.
・The contents of TRIAL-JIN may be different from that of “Replica-JIN” and “Original-JIN”.
・We are considering the art editing of JIN background.

— — — —

*The content of announcement is subject to change.

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twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム


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My Crypto Heroes|マイクリプトヒーローズ(マイクリ)

Crypto Game made in Japan. 日本初の本格ブロックチェーンゲーム

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