[Announcement]MCH Prime Free Trial and gas Fee Support Campaign.(Updated on August 20th)

We are excited to announce to launch free prime trial and gas fee support campaign!

We need the maintenance to add this function:
May 29th 2:30 am ~ 3:00 am (UTC)


To let newbies go deeper into by giving the opportunity to be a prime for free during a fixed period.

Eligible person

For who meets the following conditions.

・Entry Land battle
・Try quests more than 6 times
・Finish phone number authentication(detail is below)

Overview of campaign

To those eligible players, we would give,

・12 days free trial for MCH prime
・equivalent amount of eth to claim daily bonus

*August 20th Update
We stop to give users ETH to claim daily bonus because you don’t need ETH to do it during the below campaign.


May 29th 3:00 am ~ Aug 31st 6:00 am (UTC)
*Aug 31st 6:00 am (UTC) would be the last day to apply for the campaign.

※Updated on July 30th, 2020
We extend the period.


Those applied players will receive every benefit related to MCH prime during the 12 days. Also, we would give gas fee to claim daily bonus during the period.

Why we will give gas fee?

The main purpose of this campaign(support) is to lower the bar to try out Prime and hopefully they would enjoy MCH more.

Therefore, we would provide

・Some amount of Ether will be provided when they apply for the campaign
・Some amount of Ether will be provided when they claim daily bonus

*If you got the problem with daily bonus due to the volatility of gas price, please ask that to wallet developers.

To who has already become prime so far.

The campaign can’t be applied to those who already experienced MCH Prime in the past.

This is for the new users.
I hope you’ll understand.

The other point:
We will plan “500GUM Prime” in the next season for all users who can’t get Daily Bonus because of the high gas fee.

Phone number authentication

Each account can register 1 phone number. 1 phone number can be registered with multiple accounts.

However most of the benefits can be applied for with 1 account per 1 number including this campaign.

Phone number authentication will be added to “Account Setting” from the above-right three lines.

Producer Letter from Kengo

Hi everyone!

Let me explain the story behind. Aside from the update for the ecosystem, we also carry out some updates for new users.

During this campaign, new users will be able to earn up to 420 GUM. By using those GUM I believe new users will enjoy MCH such as purchasing Common extensions or Rep heroes to try out PvP battle.

However, note that we also try not to increase GUM supply unlimitedly. Even though new users have a chance to get GUM easily, by using the phone number authentication, we try to give the chance to those our target users. Once we figured out the issue, we would deal with it very quickly.

Since it’s still a trial, at the moment the campaign is planned to last for a month, however, if there are no big issues, this support would last perpetually.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

※The content is subject to change.

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