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#MyCyberWhy 15: Gunnar Peterson, SVP and Chief Architect Cyber Security Technology at Bank of America

Welcome to “My Cyber Why”! — a glimpse into the life and work of experts from around the world who have dedicated themselves to protecting cyberspace.

There’s no shortage of scary headlines about the latest hacks and malware releases. But what doesn’t make the headlines are the inspiring stories of the people who work every day to make the cyber world a safer place. These are their stories and cybersecurity is their passion.

In each episode guests answer four questions:

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do in cyber?

3. Why do you do it?

4. How can people get involved or learn more?

Today’s guest is Gunnar Peterson, SVP and Chief Architect Cyber Security Technology at Bank of America. Gunnar is an expert in developing and managing secure architectures for business.

Learn about what it means to develop resilient architectures for both security and scale and why it’s important to build neuro diverse teams in the video below.


[0:37] Welcome Gunnar!
[0:46] Who is this Gunnar person anyway?
[1:44] Defense is absolutely a team sport
[2:45] What is cybersecurity architecture?
[3:25] Threat model: where the security process kicks into gear
[3:58] Creating “blueprints” for security
[5:14] Living in the design for usability
[7:01] Why security? Why architecture?
[8:12] Neurodiversity prevents “cookie cutter” solutions
[9:16] The “Jedi mind trick” of threat modeling
[10:30] It takes a village
[12:23] Diversity as competitive advantage
[14:55] What can people do to move the ball forward?

Interested in learning more about the Neurodiverse Advantage? Check out the article that Gunnar mentioned here.

Thanks for listening!

Want to get involved? Do you or someone you know have a fantastic Cyber Why? Reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter.




MyCyberWhy is a glimpse into the life and work of people from around the world who are protecting cyberspace.

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