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#MyCyberWhy 32: Deepayan Chanda (he/him), Cyber Defense Enterprise Architect, Author, Board Advisory, and Startup Mentor

Diana Kelley, SecurityCurve
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2 min readSep 21, 2021


Welcome to a flagship episode of “My Cyber Why”! — a glimpse into the life and work of experts from around the world who have dedicated themselves to protecting cyberspace.

There’s no shortage of scary headlines about the latest hacks and malware releases. But what doesn’t make the headlines are the inspiring stories of the people who work every day to make the cyber world a safer place. These are their stories and cybersecurity is their passion.

In each episode guests answer four questions:

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do in cyber?

3. Why do you do it?

4. How can people get involved or learn more?

We’re thrilled to be adding another creator and new leader to the #MyCyberWhy project. Going forward, Deepayan Chanda, Cyber Defense Enterprise Security Architect for a Financial Services firm in Australia and co-author of the recently published book: Penetration Testing with Kali Linux, will be leading #MyCyberWhy.

In addition to his full-time work, Deep also serves as an Executive Member of the CyberEdBoard Community and is a member of the Australian Computer Society. He is also a mentor and advisor to FlexibleIR, Binalyze, and mentor for startups on the ICE71 (CyLon) accelerator platform. He has been pursuing education in the field of AI and ML for cybersecurity and has completed a number of LinkedIn and post grad classes on the topic. He also takes some incredible bird photos, including the one of the Galah you can see at the top of this post!

Ready? Here is Deep’s #MyCyberWhy


[00:29] Welcome Deepayan!

[01:31] Who is Deepayan? Veteran, learner, traveler, and helper of others up the ladder

[03:32] On problem solving

[05:33] Bringing concepts from armed forces to the professional space

[07:08] On cybersecurity strategy, architecture, and future proofing

[10:11] Aligning strategic outcome with fit for purpose architecture

[11:09] Four key areas of design: Resiliency, accuracy, reliability, and redundancy

[12:57] Why do you focus on this area? What drives you?

[15:38] When it become a passion rather than just a job

[16:32] It has to be a collective effort vs. a “one person show”

[18:57] What do you want people to know? How can they get involved?

[20:17] How to transition to cybersecurity or within the discipline

[22:26] The value of professional networking

[24:13] Resources and books for those looking to grow (or start)

[26:34] Thank you!

Thanks for listening! We look forward to seeing you on the next episode of #MyCyberWhy.



Diana Kelley, SecurityCurve

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