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Jun 28, 2018 · 2 min read
Author of Clicking Away Mitzi László

The enforcement of GDPR depends, in part, on public pressure for the supervisory authorities to act. The recent Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal brought the discussion of Internet ethics into the spotlight for a brief period but it is still not at the forefront of public concern. One of the reasons being that this social issue is disguised as a technical issue and hidden in terms and conditions.

Clicking Away is a book about 12 true short stories about Internet ethics to bring the discussion to the kitchen tables across Europe. The core message of the book is to build a backbone of rigorous evidence-based investigation which provides a down-to-earth springboard for constructive public debate. The institutional perspectives are given through interviews of representatives answering these questions.

Become an early bird backer of Clicking Away to help shape the book. Ask questions that you would like there to be an investigation around, request for a specific person or organization to be interviewed.

The publisher suggested writing from a personal voice to make it an easy read, but, Clicking Away is a vehicle for dialogue rather than an expression of a one sided opinion from a single author. There is an excerpt to give an impression of the book style here (scroll down a bit and click on ‘excerpt’).

Importantly, considering MyData is a not-for-profit community, I, as the author, do not receive any of the revenue generated from the pre-order. The pre-orders cover the printing and distribution costs. Only afterwards would I as the author receive a percentage share of each book sale.

As part of the MyData community you are part of a hot bed of discussion around the themes of Internet ethics. Clicking Away is a vehicle to bring the MyData discussions to a wider audience. I strongly believe that we all benefit from greater awareness by a larger audience about the issues we care about.

Help make this happen by pre-ordering a copy of Clicking Away here.

Not only will you receive a copy as well as any additional benefit from the pledge level such as a portrait painting, you will also be contributing to the actualization to the publishing of this book which aims to spark wider discussion of the topics we care about.

For bulk orders you can request a discount code by emailing

MyData Journal

Journal of MyData - human centric personal data. Edited and written by the MyData community.

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MyData Global is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data. #personaldata

MyData Journal

Journal of MyData - human centric personal data. Edited and written by the MyData community.

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