“MyData: nuts and bolts”

You know all about personal data, but want to know more about what’s exactly MyData?

MyData is a conceptual framework to human-centric approach to personal data management, necessary as the value and usage opportunities of personal data as a part of the digital human condition is increasing in fast pace.

Personal data is a data created by and about individuals. By and large, it can be volunteered, observed and inferred data. Volunteered data is created and explicitly shared by individuals, observed data is captured by recording the actions of individuals and inferred data is data about individuals based on analysis of volunteered and observed data.

Personal data and personal empowerment — through the use of of their own data, thanks to third-party services currently in development, people can develop the skills they need to increase their knowledge, make informed decisions, and interact more consciously and efficiently with other individuals, communities and organizations.

Human-centric management of personal data is a way of putting individuals in the centre of having greater control over their personal data, digital identity and online privacy, while being better compensated for providing others with access to their personal data. The key concepts to human-centric personal data management are transparency, trust, control and value.

  • Transparency — individuals expect to know what data is being captured about them, the manner in which such data is captured, the users it will be put to and the users that have access to it.
  • Trust — individuals have the confidence that the applications, systems and providers that have access to their data are reliable, integrated and secure.
  • Control — people can effectively manage the extent to which their personal data is shared.
  • Value — people know and understand the value created by using their data and the way in which it is equally shared between all parties involved.

The corresponding key issues to personal data management are privacy, consent management and interoperability. MyData 2017 conference will address these intriguing topics too — read other track descriptions here: http://mydata2017.org/programme/tracks/

Want to know more? We are going to present the nuts and bolts of it all during the conference and we need your input! The call for proposals is open until 30th of March 2017: http://mydata2017.org/programme/call-for-proposals/

Written by Marika, Manon, Tanel and Marine