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Dating Privacy Collective Launch [en]

Launch 12 Feb 19h30 (CET time, Paris/Bern)

[French version]

Illustration by Olivier Dorsaz @yeahmencan

“Dating Privacy” Collective Launch: Our Plan To Change the ‘Data for Dates’ Paradigm — This Friday 12th Feb at 19h30 Swiss Time

The world of online dating didn’t escape surveillance capitalism — little you tell your dating app(s) remains private.

So while you craft a profile, chat, swipe, date and date again, know that your trusty digital matchmaker (Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, Parship, Hinge, etc.) is sharing personal data with numerous third parties. This means not only unwanted ads, but also harms resulting from incorrect profiling and predictions, the possibility of phishing and identity theft.

You establish trust with other users, but do you trust your dating app?

Grindr was just fined €10M for giving advertising companies user sexual orientation data and precise locations without proper consent. But which other apps are doing the same — or worse — and how can we overhaul the data for dates exchange that no-one of us agreed to?

Dating Privacy is a collective of sociologists, activists, developers, lawyers, journalists and online daters delving into the internet dating ecosystem to expose malpractice and take control of our personal data.

This Friday — as close to Valentine’s Day as we could get — we launch our project. During the short session, we’ll present the risks you take when using dating apps, share practices to protect your privacy and explain how you can recover your data if you want to know what happens when you’re swiping and liking. We’ll also outline our first major data literacy project: one we want you to be involved in.

Date: Friday February 12

Time: 19:30–20:15 (Swiss Time)

Free registration link:

*If all participants are French speakers the presentation will be given in French

Dating Privacy wiki for more information:

Contact e-mail:

Partners: MyData Vaud and

Start requesting your data now and be one step ahead:

  1. Type in the dating app name you use
  2. Copy-paste the message and email address
  3. Send it and wait for your file

Collective Members:

Jessica Pidoux works on revealing biases in Tinder’s secretive matching algorithms.s

Paul-Olivier Dehaye obtained the first personal data file from Tinder along with author Judith Duportail

Frank has revealed privacy risks on Hinge and is currently being messed around by Hinge, Bumble and Tinder having asked for his data

Marie-Pierre Vidonne maps the dating app ecosystem and delves into dating app patents

Judith H. digs into regulation policies and howonline dating interacts with collective practices and communities




MyData Global compte près de 100 organisations membres et 400 membres individuels de plus de 40 pays, sur six continents, travaillant sur l’utilisation éthique des données personnelles. MyData est une vision et des principes directeurs, basés sur la déclaration!

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