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My DeFi Pet-BOSS FIGHT: Tutorial


To win any battles, it is fundamental that you know the weaknesses of the enemy. After thousands of years of fighting the forces of darkness, our legendary Pet Masters collected some information about the mighty BOSSES and provide us with these inscriptions below on how to win against the force of evil.


- ABOUT BOSS: The boss has 100 levels, each boss level will appear 15 minutes after the previous boss is defeated or the time runs out. Pet Masters have 12 hours to defeat any boss levels before they run away. For the last boss, we have 48 hours.

- ABOUT PETS: There are two kinds of pet: WORTHY PETS and NORMAL PETS. Worthy pets deal 5x damage, earn 1 DPET while Normal pets deal only normal damage, earn 0.2 DPET. Only 1 pet is deployed per attack as the turn-base mechanics. Pets will be severely injured from this fight will be unable to perform their in-game functions, e.g. producing silver or breeding. The pets will be sent to a smart contract to recover. Once the event ends, Pet Masters can claim back the pets.

The successful FINAL HIT to end the boss will earn you extra DPET. The higher level of BOSS is, the more DPET you earn.

To join this event, you have to pay gas fee.
For BEP20: The average gas fee is about 0.001 BNB.
For KRC20: The average gas fee is near Zero (KAI is 10,000–100,000 times cheaper than ETH)

With this tutorial and valiance of Pet Masters, human will have more hope to fight evil

Take arms and let’s get ready to rumble!



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