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2 min readJun 25, 2021

My DeFi Pet has an extremely high randomization rate of genes for pets! From many different species, there are endless combinations of pet genes, we are able to offer a large range of variables that few games have ever been able to! This is one of the reasons that makes My DeFi Pet different and unique to other NFT blockchain games.

  • The variety of species will create a huge exchange for users to exchange unique NFTs with each other.
  • Like real-world pets, My DeFi Pet’s pets can be bred to create new offspring.✨
  • When players want to breed between two pets, there is a probability that the offspring will inherit the body parts of its father or mother’s (body type, tail, wings,..) or it may have new parts which have not appeared before from its parents from recessive traits.⭐️
  • As an example, the breeding between two specific pets gives birth to a pet. The offspring inherits the body of its father and the color of its mother. Besides, the offspring also has some new parts such as the horn, the wings,… ☀️

*Please note the rule of generations (Gen) when breeding: All pets before breeding are classified as Gen 0. Of course, buying eggs will hatch pets that are only Gen 0. After breeding, the offspring’s Gen is the highest Gen between its parents plus 1. To get information about a pet’s Gen, you can go to User Interface pet’s information, the pet’s gen will be shown below their name.

  • The higher gen of the pets, the higher the rate of breeding similar accessories will be.
  • Breed requirements: Pets must reach lv10
  • The Specialty of Evolution: Change in appearance (larger, more body parts develop, skin color, …)

Are you ready to breed your fantastic pets?!?



My Defi Pet Official
My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.