CEO David Alexander speaks: BCS event — Data for the Good of Everyone

Mydex CIC’s CEO David Alexander was invited to speak at the recent event ‘Data for the Good of Everyone’, hosted by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. David spoke about customer effort, the importance of person-centred thinking and design, the value of portable digital proof, and the necessity and opportunities of transparency and consent.

BCS filmed the event beautifully, and kindly gave us the footage as we received requests to view the slides being talked about alongside the video. We have amalgamated the slide show and footage in the video below.

The talk is broken down into four main topics which can be viewed by clicking the links below (will open in a new tab), or by navigating to the stated time in the embedded video below the list:

  1. 1 — Customer effort (8min9s)
  2. 2 — Person-centred thinking and design (16min2s)
  3. 3 — Portable digital proof (18min18s)
  4. 4 — Transparency and consent (23min59s)
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