Press Release: Mydex listed on G Cloud 8, launch workshops to empower clusters and digital transformation

Mydex CIC are delighted to announce that their application to the Government’s G Cloud Digital Marketplace has yet again been successful, being listed on the eighth iteration of the platform. Mydex have taken advantage of the new category ‘Specialist Cloud Services’, adding two new offerings to their portfolio. This reflects the desire to make it easier than ever for organisations to understand, engage with and implement person-centred digital services at the heart of transforming and streamlining both public services and the broader digital economy.

These new services directly support the increasing demand for their existing services, Two-way data sharing and Identity services, which are central to delivering public services such as health and social care, housing, and the delivery of trusted evidence to underpin digital transactions.

The two new Specialist Cloud Services offerings are described as accelerators which enable organisations — working alone or in local clusters — to rapidly map out and implement transformative public services through taking a person-centred approach to delivery. This could mean tackling fuel poverty, access to specific benefits, or simply cutting the cost of processing applications and reducing the effort for citizens and public services employees alike.

The services are modular and configurable in nature, designed specifically to support the diverse needs of local authorities, housing associations, healthcare organisations, charities and central government. The services can be accessed by the smallest of organisations and clusters through to the very largest. The key components of the services are as follows:

  • Workshops
  • Preparation (reading, coordination, stakeholder liaison)
  • 1 day workshops on client organisation premises
  • Workshop follow-up
  • Customer journey data flow analysis and review (journeys, forms, dataset requirements, relying parties)
  • Planning and implementation support (telephone and face-to-face, document & plan reviews)

The services are live as of today (1 August 2016) and available on the Digital Marketplace.

Mydex CEO David Alexander said

“We are excited to be able to help organisations and local communities get to grips with person-centred services more quickly and easily than ever before. We can work with them to realise the dramatic benefits that come from including improved outcomes, faster, more efficient services and reduction in time, cost and effort of all involved. We look forward to making our long-standing expertise in this area more easily accessible across the public and third sector — either directly or via the growing number of G Cloud-approved suppliers, increasingly seeking new and innovative ways of transforming public services.”

Note to editors

Government Cloud Computing (also called G-cloud) is a U.K. government programme to promote government-wide adoption of cloud computing. The initiative focuses on cloud computing’s capability for economic growth, capitalising on cloud’s cost savings and flexibility to create a more efficient, accessible means of delivering public services.

Since its inception in 2012, over 1,200 suppliers have gone through the procurement process, listing over 13,000 approved services. The Digital Marketplace saw organisations across the public and third sector purchase pre-approved services from G Cloud to the total value of £1.2bn.

Mydex is a Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise. Its live, certified Platform and Trust Framework allows individuals and organisations to securely exchange verified data with confidence. This enables organisations to massively reduce the traditional cost, risk and effort associated with shifting to a seamless digital channel, whilst greatly improving customer service.

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