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Aug 21, 2018 · 5 min read
Lose Fat in One Week

Day after day, lots of people decide to lose excess weight using diet plans to lose weight fast. There are various reasons behind to consider diet plans to lose 3 kg in one week. Carrying excess fat can result in many health problems including snoring, pregnancy problems, diabetes and varieties of cancer. With obesity becoming a main factor to the number one killer of cardiovascular disease in the developed world then it is time for you to be aware and set up your strategies for a diet which will be a main help for you in shedding pounds.

OK.. everybody knows that weight problems is not healthy so how can we get that weight down in order that you are not got rid of to the risks stated earlier. Surely a diet plan is a great answer for weight loss as it will assist you to get rid of that fat during a period of time which will imply that the kilos will come off in a healthy way.

Choosing a diet plan for losing weight straight away can be a bit challenging, as there are programs that advertise weight loss of nearly 3 kg in a week. Great outcomes may rely upon your capability to have patience. The majority of dieters fail to keep off a single pound, and the average American dieter makes 4–6 dieting attempts per year. One study even concluded that 95% of severely overweight dieters gained back every pound within 3 years.

Most likely, there are several reasons you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past, and my experience tells me that you fall into one or more of 5 categories.

See those 5 categories here in this short presentation

Now we will jump into the diet plan. A quick diet plan can be generally implemented for approximately a week, to reduce about 2–3 kilograms. It is essential to be aware of that these quick diets do not provide permanent results, however they may help in getting started the fat reduction method. Never forget to stay away from alcoholic beverages, junk food and carbonated products.

Breakfast Meal

1. Breakfast

Now here are two a variety of meals which can be changed on different days throughout the plan. First breakfast meal you might want to take in should include things like 2 packets of oatmeals no matter the taste but plain would be most effective combined with a banana. For the next day, the other breakfast meal plan should include 3 egg whites with 2 piece of wholemeal (brown) bread and 2 pieces of bacon. For the next eating plan you can incorporate any kind of fruit such as a pear or an apple as you do not have to just stick to banana. The 2 breakfast diet plan needs to be changed within alternate days and try to avoid have a similar breakfast diet plan on consecutive days.

2. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks

I suggest either a 1 scoop protein shake, an apple, string cheese, or beef jerky as snacks. Aside from the apple which is rich in fiber, all the others are rich in protein. Protein is a healthy metabolism enhancer and hunger suppressor. In case you try anything apart from this list, that’s okay. Just be sure it has protein or fiber in it.

Wholemeal Bread

3. Lunch

It might dissatisfy you to know it is certainly much like breakfast. Surely you are able to things better by varying a couple of things. As an example if your breakfast you has the 2 packets of oatmeals and banana then for lunch you can have the 3 egg whites with bacon and wholemeal bread or conversely. It is a wise decision or lunch to have a salad with zero fat dressing which you have chosen. Make sure to incorporate pieces of chicken (breast meat) with your salad as well. Always keep in mind to stay yourself hydrated as drink plenty of water around the range of 8–9 glasses each day. Water does not only maintain your body hydrated but, it’s can be useful for detoxing your entire body.

Salad for Dinner

4. Dinner

You can include various type of salad to your dinner or if you are sick and tired of salads, then consume a good sized cooked chicken along with whole wheat pasta or vegetables. Have fun with these solutions and change them about during alternate days to continue to keep it interesting and prevent becoming bored of any particular food taste. Also for dinner constantly drink water and no other sweetened or carbonated drinks.

Currently simply no diet are appropriate if you do not get up and exercise your body no less than 20–30 minutes daily. Now it is suggested for faster fat loss achievements, carry out some cardio exercise such as running or jogging at least 20–30 minutes each morning on an empty stomach. This training along with the diet program stated earlier will be a powerful diet plan to lose 3 kg in a week.

All information provided in this article is provided for educational, referential and informational purposes only. Before undertaking any course of treatment please consult with your physician or other health care provider.


Weight loss is not easy. For this reason, I am put together this do it yourself guide to offer you information, guidelines during my weight loss journey. Have fun with!

Dyah Sariningrum

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Dyah is a forceful woman from Surabaya who can only swim when the weather is fair. Her top quality is that she is particularly entertaining.


Weight loss is not easy. For this reason, I am put together this do it yourself guide to offer you information, guidelines during my weight loss journey. Have fun with!

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