Slow cookers: Like fine wine, they have gotten better as time goes on.

Chances are, if your mother or grandmother used a slow cooker it had maybe 4 settings: Off, Low, High, and Warm.

Let’s be honest — if your slow cooker had a “warm” setting it was pretty fancy. These days, slow cookers are living in the digital age and equipped with settings galore to ensure your slow-cooked meals come out right, every time.

Why should your slow cooker need anything other than Low/High Settings?

One of the members of our team recalls a time when the meat turned to jerky from being cooked too long at the wrong temperature, and another time discovering to raw meat swimming in a pool of marinade because the Crock Pot was never actually turned on.

Another member of Digital Care shudders to recall when even an S.O.S. pad wouldn’t clean the charred remains off a slow cooker catastrophe of a meal.

Say it fast: Super Smart Slow Cookers

Thanks to smart technology combined with the everlasting need for easy meals, many slow cookers can be controlled from your smartphone. No more overcooked or under-stewed meals for your family!

Find out how else the Internet of Things has made your slow cooker the ultimate kitchen accessory.

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