ETH Blocks by MEW

Nov 11, 2021 · 3 min read

Ethereum. Once you get a taste of it, there’s no going back. The unlimited potential of smart contracts. The thrill of building new worlds powered by incentives that reward community building. The feeling of creative and financial freedom.

At least that’s how we at MEW have felt about Ethereum ever since its foundation. It’s why we have continued to focus on providing access to Ethereum and everything it has to offer for over six years. We’ve been here through forks, Devcons, hundreds of DeFi projects, bulls, bears, and ICOs. We know that Ethereum’s history, albeit short in the context of world events, can feel like a lifetime for many people who’ve lived it.

That’s why MEW’s first-ever NFT collection celebrates Ethereum, and the community of developers and users who built it.

ETH Blocks are NFTs that represent individual blocks mined to the Ethereum blockchain. The unique images associated with ETH Blocks are generated based on the block’s data. Each block’s NFT can only be minted once and only on Whether it’s a block that represents a milestone in Ethereum’s history, or one that has a secret and special significance to you personally — once you’ve minted it, no one else can get it.

ETH Blocks can be minted exclusively on MEW web. Early adopters get a discount: the first 100 blocks are priced at 0.01 ETH, the next 500 at 0.03 ETH, and 0.05 ETH for all blocks thereafter (plus gas fees).

Some blocks have a special significance for Ethereum, and won’t be available to mint on MEW. Blocks 1–10 will be reserved for Ethereum founders — those who contributed most to its creation and growth, and made the Ethereum ecosystem we know today possible.

In addition, thirteen blocks that mark pivotal moments in Ethereum history will be pre-minted and put up for auction on November 11 through December 11th. The auction proceeds will be donated to the following thirteen organizations: The Skid Row Trust, Wikipedia, The Internet Archive, Smile Train, Extra Life, Girls Who Code, Petsmart Charities, Go Red For Women, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Red Noses, Gary Sinise Foundation, Create Now, and NPR.

Community has always been the greatest strength of Ethereum. We consider every MEW user to be part of this community along with the MEW team. Every transaction, swap, ETH purchase, and stake that you have done on Ethereum, through MEW or elsewhere, has built the blocks that make up the Ethereum blockchain. Now, you can mint and own a unique, immutable piece of this Ethereum history that we all share. Welcome to ETH Blocks.

Go to the ETH Blocks DApp on MEW web and mint your block now (you will need to access your wallet first).

Check out ETH Blocks on Rarible, where you can put your newly minted block NFTs up for sale.

View the ethblocks.eth contract on Etherscan.

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