MEW CX: The Web3 Wallet That Puts the User in Full Control

Oct 30, 2019 · 5 min read
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MEW has always offered users a wide variety of ways to interact with the Ethereum blockchain while staying in full control of their funds. The web interface supports access through legacy software methods and a comprehensive range of hardware wallets, while the MEWconnect smartphone app combines the security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of your phone.

With MEW, you can always choose a secure way to access Ethereum regardless of your preferred device, your budget, or your level of experience.

As many of our users are already aware, the Ethereum blockchain offers much more than a store of value, and Ethereum use cases go beyond transactions and swaps. Smart contracts enable the creation of decentralized applications on the blockchain, and as the Web3 expands, the opportunities offered by Dapps are becoming more numerous and more accessible.

Today, MEW brings you the ultimate tool for interacting with decentralized apps easily and securely: the Web3-enabled MEW CX.

While the MEW team continues to work on introducing more Dapp and DeFi integrations directly into the MEW wallet for maximum convenience, MEW CX will bring the functionality and security of MEW to the rest of the Dapp ecosystem.

As you set out to investigate the possibilities of the decentralized internet, you might be concerned about the security of your funds. There are already quite a few Dapps out there, and you can’t do a thorough check on the project and the team every time you want to check out an Ethereum game.

With MEW CX, you can explore a Dapp without making a commitment or risking spending funds by accident. All you need to do is use a temporary ‘burn address’! You can’t send transactions from this address, even if you click on something by accident, but it will allow you to access the Dapp’s interface.

Once you are ready to dive deeper with some favorite applications, you may want to dedicate separate addresses for different Dapps — to keep your CryptoKitties and Cryptant Crabs sorted, as it were. MEW CX is the first Web3 wallet that will give you the option of choosing which address to interact with any time you connect to a Dapp. If you want to have five Dapps open in five different browser windows, you can be using a different account in each one!

Burn addresses and control over account selection help protect your privacy and keep your funds safe by preventing the exposure of the same wallet to multiple Dapps. MEW CX makes secure Dapp interaction easy and intuitive, so you can jump into Web3 with confidence, even if you are not quite sure what it’s all about — yet.

MEW will always provide you with the tools and the information necessary to be part of the next big thing.

If you already have the older MEW extension installed — good news! Your extension will update automatically, and you can continue to use it as before, with the added benefit of Web3 capabilities. The rollout will begin slowly, so please be patient while we get the new extension out to you. (You could reinstall the extension manually, but then you’d have to add back all accounts using their access information.)

For those who are still accessing the MEW interface with software methods (private key, keystore file, or mnemonic phrase), we continue to recommend investing in a hardware wallet or using the MEWconnect app for best security. Meanwhile, just as before, MEW CX can be used to import accounts and create new wallets, providing a convenient and secure solution for managing smaller amounts of currencies and interacting with Dapps online.

So, how do you actually use the extension, and where do you find this decentralized internet?

After installing the extension, you can generate a new wallet or add an existing wallet.

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You can also add a Watch-Only Wallet, so you can monitor the balance without accessing the wallet.

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The Dapps Page shows a list of decentralized apps that you can already use with MEW CX.

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This list of Dapps will continue to expand, with regular updates in the extension. Eventually, you will be able to use the MEW CX with any Web3-enabled application that supports MetaMask or Dapper, as well as with new Dapps as they become available.

When you go to interact with a Dapp, the page will detect any Web3 applications in the browser. For this reason, if you have another Web3 wallet like MetaMask installed, make sure to remove or disable it before using MEW CX.

As the extension connects to the Dapp, it will prompt you to choose which address to connect with. Here, you can select any of the wallets you have added to the extension, or continue with a burn address (aka burner account) that will keep your wallets unknown to the Dapp.

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To familiarize yourself with the ecosystem, you can also find catalogs of currently available Dapps on platforms like State of the Dapps and Dapp Radar, sorted by category and blockchain on which they are built (naturally, MEW CX will only support Ethereum Dapps).

If there are applications that you are particularly excited about, let us know on social media channels or at! We’re here to bring the best of Web3 directly to your browser toolbar.

Happy Browsing!

Your MEWteam

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