MEW <> Simplex Partnership

Hey MEWsers!

We wanted to make it as seamless as possible for our community to get their hands on cryptocurrencies, so we have partnered up with the team at Simplex to make that happen.

MEW users worldwide will now be able to buy ETH using just their credit card.

Who are Simplex?

Simplex is a fully regulated fintech company which began operating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2014. Their fraud-fighting technology has been integrated with our platform so that anyone can easily open the door to the new financial world (cryptocurrencies) using old world technology (fiat credit cards).

Simplex’s advanced AI algorithms were “forged in the fire of the high-fraud-risk crypto market”. The team have a stirling track record, partnering with many other exciting blockchain projects.

What this means for YOU.

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone in the world with a credit card to easily begin their cryptocurrency journey.

For existing users, we are simplifying the entire cryptocurrency-buying process, while making it instant and secure. You can now completely bypass cryptocurrency exchanges if you wish.

Users will have to go through an easy, one-time Know Your Customer process (to ensure we aren’t supporting any money laundering or shady business). Once you’ve been verified, purchases will begin to appear in your wallet.

The link to the new function is HERE. Remember that you must have a MEW wallet set up BEFORE making any purchases.

Love from #teamMEW