MEWconnect: Our free-to-use hardware wallet phone app (iOS beta version) is here!

Jul 25, 2018 · 3 min read

UPDATE 8/12/2020: The MEWconnect app has been discontinued to make way for our fully-fledged MEW wallet app, which allows users to store ETH and tokens, send transactions, and swap directly from their smartphone. Download the MEW wallet app for iOS or Android and migrate your account!

Important: This version is purely intended for testing and debugging, please do not use beta version as a permanent ETH storage solution.


We acknowledge there is a pressing need now more than ever for cryptocurrency wallets that are secure, accessible to our global community, and enable users to seamlessly interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

We’ve decided to take the evolution of the cryptocurrency wallet to the next stage…

Introducing MEWconnect

We are beyond thrilled to unveil the beta version of our long-awaited MEW ‘hardware wallet’ application for mobile phones — MEWconnect!

MEWconnect enables you to put the security of a cold-storage wallet right on your mobile phone.

You can now manage your wealth hassle free, with all the protection that cryptocurrencies promise.

We want to provide you with an instant and secure way to store and exchange ETH, while at the same time facilitating wider cryptocurrency adoption. We believe MEWconnect is that missing link the Ethereum community has been looking for.

A fresh new alternative crypto wallet option

We believe one of the main barriers to cryptocurrency adoption is the lack of free, secure and alternative ways for users to store their private keys.

Hardware wallets are currently the safest types of wallets available in the cryptocurrency sphere with many security features built in, as well as support for storing multiple types of cryptocurrencies.

Users with significant cryptocurrency holdings often opt for hardware wallets because of their security features.

The hardware wallet options available to users today are in the form of USB devices ranging from US $90-$200.

This can be solved with the free MEWconnect application because it can bring functionality similar to a hardware wallet to a mobile device.

Users can now interact with the Ethereum blockchain with even more ease and technical familiarity via their mobile phone.

Beta testing with Hackerone

We want to remind our users that the MEW team take every phishing attack and hacking attempt to undermine our platform very seriously.

Our top priority is always user security and we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect the cryptocurrency community from criminals trying to exploit this new platform.

So, we’re thrilled to announce that we have a public program open for with HackerOne and MEWconenct will be tested as part of it.

HackerOne is leading platform for white hat hackers and security researchers who are passionate about making the internet safer.

HackerOne partners with the global responsible hacker community and will deploy them to look out for and report security issues that may arise with the MEW platform before criminals are able to target our community.

Hackers are incentivized to report such issues and receive financial reward when a problem is successfully found and fixed.

With that said, we welcome those of you interested to try out and test the beta version of MEWconnect for yourself here.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about MEWconnect!

Love from #teamMEW