Cloud Vs Hardware-based Business Intelligence Tool

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2 min readSep 2, 2021


Business Intelligence is a powerful data analytics software that can support decision making by providing a historical, current and predictive view of business operations. It can process large amounts of data and process them into useful functionalities like reporting, analytics, business performance management, predictive analytics, benchmarking, data and text mining.

If you’re in the market for business intelligence, you may be familiar with many on-site, hardware-based options. While hardware-based BI systems may offer remarkable capabilities, an equally powerful and less-expensive option is a Cloud-based BI system.

But, what is a Cloud?

Cloud computing is a method of delivering services over the internet quickly and with utmost accuracy.

Combined with a Business Intelligence, a cloud-based system provides businesses with a lot of advantages compared to a hardware-based BI. Some of these advantages are:

1.) Reduced Costs

A cloud-based BI is remarkably inexpensive and requires no installations or physical space to work, compared to its alternative hardware-based BI that needs infrastructure for setting up which may prove to be quite expensive for certain businesses.

2.) Integration

While all BI software takes time to collaborate with your business systems in order to collect and analyse your data, a Cloud-based BI offers a much faster and seamless integration with your data infrastructure providing you with a streamlined version of a hardware-based BI.

3.) Mobility

You can easily access your cloud-based BI platform from anywhere around the world without worrying about its accessibility, system speed or effectiveness, unlike its counterpart, which is hard-wired to a specific location.

4.) Maintenance

The cloud service provider handles all the updates, maintenance and trouble-shooting for your system, saving you the time and money required to hire professionals, unlikely with a hardware-based BI.

Prism by eWards is a cloud-based Business Intelligence software that operates through smart dashboards powered by Predictive and AI-driven analytics. It can break down complex data and display it in a pictorial view combined with intuitive graphs. It helps in identifying key business drivers, hidden trends and also allows users to access data patterns to provide accurate predictions based on historical trends.

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