Converting Customers into Lifetime Brand Advocates using Efficient Campaigns

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Customers are an integral part of any and all businesses. The best possible way to successfully run a business is to provide a greater and enhanced customer experience, one that makes their time memorable and one that can make them loyal to your brand.

But, here comes the question — How will you achieve the above feat?

The customers are always looking for something better in the long run. Personalizing customer experience is the best solution that has worked miracles in retaining and acquiring new customers. Running personalized marketing campaigns is one such way to attract and engage customers with your brand.

Given below are a list of campaigns that can increase your customer base, enhance their experience and make them loyal towards you:

1. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

Have you ever devised a strategy that can help you attract new customers and re-engage with existing or lost customers?

Running Customer Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns creates a coordinated marketing effort that touches every aspect of a customer’s journey with a certain brand.

The purpose of this particular campaign is to win new customers while retaining existing ones.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing invokes the interest of customers — from first contact to being a loyal brand advocate. It can greatly increase a brand’s omnichannel revenue without incurring additional costs, if done accurately.

2. Multi-segment Marketing Campaign

Every customer has different wants and reacts to different types of call-to-action messages. A Multi-segment Marketing Campaign is used to segregate the target market into different customer segments each run to convey a different personalized message or even target them with different products. This campaign is an effective way to sell single or multiple products across different segments, each customized with different messages and content with regard to specifically defined needs and wants. It is considered as one of the most optimum campaigns that uses multi-strategizing to appeal to different target audiences for every product line a brand has to offer.

3. Repurchase Reminder Campaigns

Often, when you purchase something from a known website or store, your data is collected in the brand’s database to send you an automated thank you message or a recall message to visit the brand again. The Repurchase reminder campaigns usually use the customer data to send out automated and personalized reminder messages to visit back or order again, thus creating a need, a want or desire to repurchase from the brand again.

4. Event-based Campaigns

There are certain events in every person’s life that are special for them. It could be anything — from birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays or a festival. Event-based campaigns or trigger marketing is a one-time based automated campaign that identifies key events in a customer’s lifecycle and builds communication around it by providing them with certain rewards to be used on that specific date.

5. Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns are an excellent form of acquiring new customers, especially when the existing customers rally your brand to get rewards in the future. Referral programs are set to provide customers with a reward, be it in the form of gift cards, discounts, points, etc. for making the effort of endorsing a brand to their friends, colleagues or family members.

6. Reminder Campaigns

What do you think is one of the simplest ways to call back an existing customer for a new purchase?

Reminder campaigns are a simple and automated way to “remind” the existing customers about the expiring loyalty points, wallet balance, coupons or even the abandoned items in their cart — to make sure the customer visits you again and gets tempted enough to buy again.

7. Branding Campaigns

This campaign is used for the sake of reminding the customers about any product updates, new products launched or for branding purposes — a means to inform the audience about the changes taking place around the product. This campaign is also known to spread information about the brand and its items, providing it with the perfect name of Information Campaigns.

Every customer progresses through different stages before being a loyal customer for a brand. To a large extent, it depends on how a brand treats their prospects and existing customers which ultimately determines whether they will be loyal or not. With eWards, start mapping your customer demands through intensive segmentation and run campaigns that attract them towards you. A satisfied customer acts as a brand advocate — a boon for your business that can get you more customers in the long run. With eWards, create a loyal customer base for yourself and grow your business exponentially.

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