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Customer Feedback Software: The Path to “Continuous Improvement”

Feedback can be termed as the useful information or criticism that a business receives for its prior actions or behaviour towards certain individuals that are communicated to different people. This information can be used by businesses to adjust and evaluate their future decisions and behaviour towards individuals.

For businesses, devising new and automated methods of collecting feedback is as important as delivering results on them. To remain on the top of their sectors, businesses have to take the catchphrase “continuous improvement” to the next level, deliberately asking the customers to provide their feedback. It ultimately helps businesses assess their weakness and strong selling points.

Now, since we have pointed out why organisations need feedbacks, we are here to show you how customer feedback software can help you gain crucial information and retain customers:

  1. Customer Sentiment Analysis

Get in-depth customer analytics and valuable insights into a customer’s experience and sentiment behind their respective feedback that helps you understand a customer’s viewpoint allowing you to make changes accordingly to improve their experience.

2. Integrated CRM

Take instant action when it comes to rewarding customers for their loyalty and send personalised notifications/messages to customers after they check out with credits or coupons to make them feel attracted to the brand

3. Measure Net Promoter Score

Gain insightful information for customer metrics such as brand loyalty, revenue retention, customer retention and several other valuable customer insights that impact customer loyalty, retention and brand positioning.

4. Custom form creation

With unlimited customisable forms available, it is equipped with multi-query and response types that allows customers to give several types of responses of their experience with the brand such as star ratings, emoticons, preset multiple-choice questions and much more.

5. Email Reporting

It provides users with a feature called the real-time feedback reporting system that allows users to get feedback reports in a detailed format straight to your email that allows you to evaluate your business and make improvements.

6. Feedback Escalation and Response Matrix

With features like an automated feedback escalation system, it keeps track of any bad reviews or comments for the brand and allows you to gratify the disappointed customers with certain incentives to keep them intrigued with the brand, and ultimately close the feedback loop.

Loop by eWards is an automated real-time, multi-feature feedback management system that makes it easier to gather customer feedback and analyse their sentiments. With detailed reports and automated feedback responses, analyse your customers’ needs & grievances and retain them as a loyal customer with a better customer experience.

For queries and demos, contact us at https://loop.myewards.com/




eWards is an all-in-one solution to manage your business from anywhere. The extensive suite of feature-rich connected products enhances customer experience.

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eWards is an all-in-one solution to manage your business from anywhere. The extensive suite of feature-rich connected products enhances customer experience.

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