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Empowering individuals with Gender Neutral Workplaces

Written by Shankhamala Nandi

Equality in theory is for everybody and every business. Recognizing this and empowering individuals in every space needs conscious and deliberate effort to bring into play.

With more than 60% of our team and 80% of our leadership body comprising women, this topic is very close to our hearts. We aim to spread awareness on how a workspace that provides equal opportunities to all, thrives in today’s world.

Carmelyn Malalis (U.S. FWN100™ ’09) Heads New York Commission on Human Rights describes equality practices in her workspace as “We advocate for equal treatment of all employees, regardless of who they are, their color, their skin, where they were born, who they love and other characteristics that contribute to a strong, diverse workforce” However gender equality shows a very grim picture globally.


Gender Neutrality at eWards

eWards had a gender neutral approach since its inception. We never treated any gender differently, no rules were made in favour or against a gender. We believe it is time the world stops gender discrimination. Giving special privileges to any gender means creating a rift. Our recruitment is primarily based on the candidate’s abilities and their willingness to work hard. Their skill set and experience define their job role and rewards are a result of the performance delivered. We believe in empowering individuals with opportunities and resources regardless of their gender. This very school of thought had led to a diverse team, which in turn has led to creative innovations across the board


My personal experience in eWards over the last 5 years has been empowering in every sense. Both my female and male colleagues will back me up when I say that eWards provides a platform for individuals to work, make mistakes and grow exponentially irrespective of their gender. Sharing some instances which highlight this very fact.

  1. A lot of thought was put in place while choosing a sport for our team building exercise. Frisbee Football which is a contact free sport was finalised for this, and ensured everyone was comfortable participating in it. This was a huge hit among all and the team is eagerly looking forward to the 3rd tournament now.
  2. Our sales team covers a lot of ground across the country which involves extensive travelling and working round the clock. High performing individuals in the team irrespective of their gender have always been encouraged to take this up. Seniors in the company have gone to the extent of convincing the families of our female team members so they are able to make the most of opportunities presented.
  3. A year back when one of our oldest employees got married, the whole company came together to celebrate. Post the wedding festivities were over she not only resumed her role but also took up more responsibilities and launched a new service for the company. Earlier this year another key individual got married and his professional journey has been quite similar.

There have been several big and innumerable everyday situations where the company went out of the way, both consciously and out of habit to bring up ideas to ensure no gender gets alienated.

With women getting very less representation in the SaaS industry and even more so in the higher management, we took it upon ourselves to highlight this gender gap. Over the course of the next 3 months we aim to feature stories on how by simply giving equal opportunities to all we can bridge this gap.

Awareness is the first step to an impactful change.

Be a part of the movement and share your your experience on Instagram/Facebook/Linkedin with the #Bosslikeher and tag us so we can reshare your story. Or you can email us info@myewards.com

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