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Fashion, Health and Entertainment- How to Strike a Chord with Users Digitally?

Ayushi & Kanika

The Health, Fashion, and Entertainment industries are facing tumultuous times. Even though these sectors are intertwined with each other, each one is witnessing a distinct turn in trends, thanks to the crisis that has knocked all of us back on our heels.

Ironically, these sectors together rule a significant span of the millennial’s media ecosystem. Yet, most businesses belonging to these sectors are not making the most of the privileged screen space they enjoy.

As people are forced to stay indoors, businesses from the Health, Fashion and Entertainment industries have an amazing opportunity to capture the bored attention of their target audience.

Your customers are looking for ways to avoid boredom, develop new habits and learn new skills. How can you help them? How can you engage with them while they are mindlessly scrolling through their feed? Here are some tips to get you started:

Health and Fitness sector

Perhaps the only industry that is expected to suffer the least loss in traffic, the health sector is in the limelight right now. People are looking for ways to boost immunity, stay fit at home and form new routines. This opens up new avenues for you to explore, and target the segment that only showed up at a fitness center on the 1st of January and has been AWOL since.

Some ideas for health and wellness businesses to engage with customers:

  1. Fitness centers could offer live training or video of the complete workout routines on their social channels or mobile app.
  2. Start a 21 days #Challenge with your customers. If the change is noticeable at the end of this period, you may encourage them to flaunt it on social media and mention your brand.
  3. You may also partner up with fitness icons– influencers and celebrities and go live with them on social media platforms or your mobile app.
  4. Provide tips on healthy eating, or healthy lifestyle in general. You may also take it up a notch and offer the services of an online nutritionist for a nominal fee.
  5. Recommend diet plans and share a schedule on what an ideal day looks like.
  6. Run quizzes on your stories and award the winners with vouchers or points that they can redeem once the lockdown is lifted.

Beauty and Fashion sector

Why would your customers remember your brand when they have been staying in their PJs for days?

Here are some ways to remind them how awesome it felt to look on fleek:

  1. Be transparent with them and show them what you are up to. Are you coming up with some new products? Are you going back to the basics with a stencil? Let them know.
  2. It’s a good idea to share some simple tips and home remedies for flawless skin and hair care. However, making it engaging enough so that they actually try it out will be a challenge.
  3. Speaking of which, stay trending with challenges, quizzes and exclusive posts like “Your cooler-than-summer look”.
  4. Answer some questions (in-depth) that you are often asked.
  5. Videos. Right from DIY tutorials to “how to dress yourself in 3 different ways with one basic outfit”– videos are useful for your audience.
  6. Share your list of things to-do when you finally step out of home. For instance, visiting your hair-dresser, buying a new dress to celebrate and pampering yourself with a spa day.
  7. Share user generated content to inspire body positivity while your target market is bingeing on fried snacks.

Entertainment sector

You know your customers are missing you. They want to run back to you as soon as this storm blows over. They are probably not waiting for your posts on social media, but they are filled with nostalgia when they do come across it. You are now a symbol of the “normal life” as we all knew it.

How do you reconnect with your customers?

  1. Partner up with artists– singers and musicians, stand-up comedians, and even DJs. Go crazy and creative with the talent you have roped in, and simply focus on having fun.
  2. #BingoChallenge. You caved in and filled out a couple of these, didn’t you? Well, it’s about time you created one too.Whether it’s about movies, music, drinks or all three– it’s all about tapping into the nostalgia we talked about earlier. Ask your followers to fill it in, upload it on their stories and tag you.
  3. Support a social cause. And use your social channels to further the cause.
  4. Cafés and clubs could let their audience into their kitchen. Share the secret recipe or awe them with that signature mocktail. Ask your followers to participate and re-create it at home to win a freebie.

Prepare for the calm after the storm

Sales are down, and we don’t know till when. But this is the time to be patient and positive, and project those vibes online. This is the time to sharpen your axe, tighten your sails and build your brand. The ideas and activities mentioned above will get you started on the long journey of reconnecting with your customers.

Needless to say, your ideal customer will be a changed man in the post-crisis world. You’d want to garner valuable information on his likes, dislikes and wants. You can then put this information to use (in the not-so-distant future) to run smarter campaigns, launch new products and do so much more.

The only question is, are you prepared?



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