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eWards Employee interview

Hamare Vijay Sir Kya Kehte Hai?

He’s been working with eWards since the beginning, he’s the reason why we manage our finances well, our very own Vijay Sir- catch his insights and journey in an exclusive interview conducted by Chetna.

First off, How would Vijay Sir describe his journey at eWards?

“I joined in August 2015 when there were only 3 to 4 employees since then the company has grown to its present size of nearly 70 to 80 employees”

His journey with the company has been joyous, from its initial stage to its present size, Vijay Sir has been there, seen that, and experienced every step of eWards- Hall of Fame credentials.

What does Vijay Sir like about the workplace?

“I like the flexible work timings- when I started I used to report at 8:30 am, after a month it changed to 9:00 am and then 10:00 am”

It seems we all need to thank Vijay Sir for the flexible timings (Thank you sir Ji)

Continuing — “I also like the company structure, the decision-making process, and the working style”

On a serious note, this level of transparency and structure represents a healthy company.

When asked about his favourite employee he humbly stated- “All are my favourites including my team members”- before specifying that Jagriti’s work culture and Nikunj’s professionalism are two qualities he admires.

On an ending note, Vijay Sir concluded with some wisdom “Everything in the company takes its due course in time”- In simple words “Sab Kuch Ka Time Ayega”

Thank you Vijay Sir.

Drop your CV to workwithus@myewards.com to join the Team!!



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