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Personalise marketing campaigns with our Automated Customer Experience Software-ACE

Customer experience has taken a complete turn in today’s era. Modern technologies have given us the power to adopt new ways to improve and personalize our customer’s experience.

ACE is a customer experience management tool which helps business to use Omni-channel ways of communication and marketing to their customers. Personalization in marketing is a way in which brands can interact with customers through strong content and a customer experience management tool. It also involves creating experiences that make customers feel their interests are considered and that the brand knows their preferences. The foundation that every marketer’s action is based on is nothing else but data. However, deciding which customer segment to target or use for personalization can be difficult as the customer data is continuously growing and becoming richer using which is why we need a tool to manage the customer’s life cycle. Personalization is a subset of the type of data that we are collecting and the medium of communication we use to reach out to our customers. We must have a detailed view about our customers so that brands can do personalized marketing, in order to get a detailed understanding we must have not only the demographic data such as their name, email but also have a detailed analysis about their purchasing patterns and likes and dislikes in terms of the products they purchase.

ACE is a tool that will not only allow you to collect all the data but also helps you make this data actionable and at any point in time and helps you reach out to your customer with personalized content via messages, Whats App, Facebook and other sources of communication.

Once you have reached out to your customers, you can monitor their response and conversion ratio towards the personalized content and use that as a basis to further reach out to them with a unique offering or story that will attract them towards the brand and push them to visit and spend. It has more than 50 segments and 1000 parameters with which you can segment your customers and target them in a personalised manner.

The ability to understand your customers gives you the ability to reach out to them with a context and helps you target these customers with a knowledge base that helps brands effectively provide a high-quality, post-purchase service to their customers.

To book a demo contact us at https://ace.myewards.com/



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