How does a White label Solution Benefit a Multi-Franchise Business?



After the outbreak of Covid-19, many businesses suffered due to worldwide lockdown. Businesses were forced to move online or shut their doors permanently resulting in huge losses. Many businesses started their online stores from scratch or partnered with different online platforms to support themselves.

E-commerce has transformed the way of conducting business in India. Despite depressed consumer spending, economic slowdown and uncertainty created due to Covid-19, it has shown strong business growth with new customers joining every day. With a turnover of $50 Billion in 2020, India’s e-commerce market continues to grow at a humongous rate, making it the fastest-growing sector to date. India’s e-commerce order volume has also increased by 36% in the last quarter of 2020, resulting in an increase in consumer demand and the need to adopt e-commerce platforms more than ever.

One such online platform is developed by eWards, a full-stack SaaS-based company that provides businesses with Ping, an eCommerce White label solution.

A White label solution is a readymade eCommerce platform customisable according to the look and feels a client wants. It is a no-code subscription-based platform that requires no development and technical assistance from the customer’s end allowing them to run their business smoothly.

Coming to the motive of the topic, How does it benefit multi-franchise businesses?

1.) Value for Money

Multi-franchise businesses as the name suggests involves managing different outlets spread either in the same city or Pan-India. With a White label solution at your disposal, you can easily create an online portal for your business and monitor its workings digitally at an affordable price.

2.) Focus on the Business

With a professional team taking care of all technical issues, you can focus better on your core business activities. It fulfils all your desired outcomes while easily managing your issues.

3.) Cost Minimization

Hiring a White label solution involves zero maintenance cost allowing you to cut expenses on tech support staff and infrastructure, unlike developing your own website and app.

4.) Competing with existing Market Leaders

A White label solution is cheap yet efficient at the same time. It boosts your company’s branding while providing a pleasant customer experience. It ultimately helps you land new customers and increase your customer base. With some time and dedication, your business can easily compete with the forerunners of the market.

Ping by eWards is a subscription-based White label solution that provides a tailor-made app and website customised according to your specifications. Integrated with in-built payment modules, POS and CRM, it provides you with the benefit of managing multiple franchises in a single system. It displays business banners, images and descriptions that boost your branding. Get total control of your eCommerce suite without any third party involvement and experience a hassle-free performance of your online business.

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