How does Predictive Analytics benefit the Retail Industry?

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3 min readNov 17, 2021


One of the fastest-growing industries in today’s advancing world is the retail sector. It is one of the most happening sectors that has an unwavering buzz of customer data, which is a very important factor in making your business successful while also establishing a strong accord with your customers.

It is not necessary that all the data collected will turn into fruitful insights or provide the business with any productivity. Processing and using detailed analytical data is the key to a business’s profitability and customer satisfaction. With competition increasing and the standards of business increasing, it is imperative for retailers to make use of the bulk of data they have.

That’s where Predictive Analysis comes into play — as an extended arm to business intelligence that acts as a medium of sales growth augmentation, envisioning client patterns and forecasting current & upcoming trends.

Stating below are some of the Key Benefits that Predictive Analytics offers to the Retail Industry:

1. Effective Management of Store and Inventory

Managing an equally balanced inventory that is not too much or too little is a big challenge for retailers. Predictive Analytics can help retailers lessen their expenses and convert idle stock into sales. It manages to identify key areas that are currently in demand, observe sales forecasts and garner the best delivery schedules to optimise inventory costs, thus, assisting retailers in being one step ahead in identifying the customer’s needs.

2. Personalised Marketing Strategies

Retailers that run marketing campaigns personalised according to customer preferences have to spend comparatively less than general campaigns that target a larger audience. It is advantageous to target client preferences on an individual level and run campaigns that offer direct messages at the right time, at the right place and in the right format. This directly impacts the business ROI and builds a deeper understanding of customer needs and demands.

3. Helps in Identification and Geographical Expansion

If a retailer plans to expand his business to new locations, cities or geographical areas, proper research has to be conducted to find out results that will help you build up maximum coverage in that particular area. With predictive analytics, you can easily find out locations where your product will perform the best. Also, it can give you a detailed market survey report along with existing clients and prospects for that specific area.

Prism by eWards is an advanced Business Intelligence equipped with Predictive Analytics that helps businesses process the bulk of data they collect into actionable insights. It operates through smart dashboards powered by Machine Learning, Predictive and AI-driven analytics that simplifies complex data into a stream of pictorial views making it easily understandable for anyone. It helps your business to reach higher levels of profitability and productivity by identifying key business drivers and hidden trends. It lets users access data patterns to find out accurate predictions based on historical trends, allowing the businesses to be prepared for the upcoming trends.

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