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How third party apps are exploiting

How Third-Party Applications Are Exploiting Businesses?

Brand engagement and recognition is the fancy dream of every entrepreneur. A lot has been said about marketing your brand to get on the top, but several “don’ts” are blatantly ignored in this race.

One of the biggest hindrances that are disallowing businesses to prosper is third-party applications.

Talking about the food industry, several third-party apps extort commissions as high as 30% from restaurants. These applications not only exploit businesses but also decrease the chances of flourishing.

Let us dive deep to understand why third-party applications aren’t viable through the following points:

  • Unreliable Services

By far, this is the biggest drawback of collaborating with third-party apps even after letting go of your margins in the name of drawing customers, you are not sure whether they are getting seamless services. According to GetConvey, 84% of customers are unlikely to reorder if they faced some issues with delivery.

This makes collaboration with third-party apps a risky business, as it can potentially harm your reputation in the market, even before it is built!

  • Low Customer Engagement and Retention

Third-party applications work on a business module which helps them gain recognition. You can’t change how your services are going to be represented thus, giving your business hard luck. Moreover, there is no scope of rolling out your loyalty programs and other appealing offers, thus making customer engagement difficult. A report by Yotpo mentions that 15% of customers prefer buying products from a particular brand if they are a part of a loyalty program.

To overcome this, many businesses have turned towards building their customized applications and websites where customers can directly place the order. What’s more? We also tried to contribute by getting you the smooth and revolutionary service called Ping!

  • Standardized Display

While third-party apps might give you an illusion of marketing your services, it’s certainly not the case. Instead, they focus on how they can expand their services and simultaneously attract more customers, collaborators, and investors. Besides, what isn’t suitable is you don’t get a say in how your services should be displayed.

Let us try to understand through an example. You prepared a new customer loyalty marketing strategy and want to send out samples of a beverage when a customer orders a delicacy. Now, this can only be done if you have a personalized application. Third-party apps don’t support such offers which help you expand your reach.


The list goes on! The key to surviving in the industry is to be aware of all the trends and business tactics. We diligently made efforts to help businesses grow by rolling out a brand new service — Ping. With this easy and hassle-free service, you can not only set up your own application and website but also record consumer preferences and ordering habits helping you retain a loyal customer base. Having a personalized branded app is the first step towards growth.

Visit our page for more details about how we can help your brand grow!



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