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How to create campaigns using Marketing Automation Software?

With technology taking over the world, the buzz for marketing automation is increasing within businesses due to its revenue-generating potential and cost-saving benefits. There are many questions in the minds of organisations regarding the above subject, including:

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a software that automates the marketing activities that help you nurture prospects and increase your customer base and sales.

How do you create automated marketing campaigns with it?

With access to a marketing automation software, following the given steps below allows you to create automated marketing campaigns:

1.) Tracking Customer Behaviour:

It gives you a 360-degree view of your customer's profile, including all of their transactions. It helps you distinguish between active, inactive and lost customers and also allows you to check at what intervals they visited your brand.

2.) Segmentation of customers :

According to the data received from customers behaviour, the marketing automation dashboard uses multiple parameters to automatically segment customers according to their preferences, making it easier to target them with personalised deals and campaigns.

3.) Creating Coupons and Promos:

Marketing campaigns are all about attracting customers to your brand.

What better way than to provide them with coupons and promos?

Marketing Automation allows you to create coupons and promos by specifying the validity of the location, time period and group of customers it is applicable to.

4.) Engagement through Campaigns:

Customers can be awarded with past or existing deals and campaigns available in your dashboard. You can also create new campaigns by clubbing different parameters like high spenders and VIP guests and target a set of people with different deals and campaigns. Once you create a campaign, it is registered in the system and you can easily target the same group of people again.

5.) Database and Reporting :

Marketing Automation allows you to create databases to store results of the existing/ running campaigns and the data required to run new campaigns. It also allows you to create detailed reports from the results for future scrutinization.

Ace by eWards is an automated customer engagement tool that provides its clients with an advanced Marketing Automation software that allows them to segment their customers based on 50+ parameters 1000+ combinations to target them with personalised deals and campaigns based on their feedback. It also records the results of the ongoing campaigns and helps in creating a detailed report to compare with the successful campaigns and make changes to the ones failing.



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