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Journey of becoming a Tech Ninja

He started his journey sitting at the corner table at the AC Market, managing excel sheets, and eventually became one of the leading faces of the tech team. To the employee that needs no introduction- Sharad.

We look into his journey from AC Market office to Everest and the various stories behind it.

First off, how would Sharad describe his journey?

Since the day I started, it has been a roller coaster ride, that is because eWards gives you a lot of roles to step into, you have to decide the battles you want to take and then work on it. I started as an intern under Divya and she used to give me various kind of work- sometimes with the sales and servicing team, sometimes with the finance team, and sometimes I had to do a little of Lead Gen work during my early Internship days. My internship period went on for 3 months and my internship period got over by the end of November 2018.

I rejoined eWards in January as a full-time employee, under Divya initially where I did what I loved to do as an intern, making new MISs and handling existing sheets, gradually I was named “Sheet Boy” by Jaagi and gang *Chuckles*. During this time out of nowhere, I got shifted to the Tech team, a new role, a brand new team and a new set of responsibilities that needed an entirely new skill set to be learnt. The initial days were really challenging because I did not have any idea of what databases are, for me they were restricted to what was taught to us in Primary School.

I think I have worked with almost all the teams at eWards be it sales, servicing, tech or finance, and being the jack of all trades is always going to be a memorable part of the journey.

How did you hear about eWards?

First, there are two sources- one was Ashish, and the other was my college placement cell. Almost everyone in the office knows that Ashish and I are related through family bonds (I happen to be his paternal uncle) so that is how I got to know about eWards. My resume was sent from both sides- through my college and also through Ashish. I don’t know which one led to my recruitment here but I am glad because it worked out really well.

Your most challenging experience at eWards?

I think if there weren’t for these challenges that we faced every day, I would not have been so attracted to the role, (Thinking for a while) although the most challenging part was having no AC in Everest House. But… considering it as a farewell gift I think it is great to finally experience AC in the Everest House office, it is indeed a relief. But yes, if I had to point out the most challenging time — It was definitely the Lockdown period. Working from home was really difficult.

If you could switch your roles with someone, who would it be?

I think… I would switch my role with the HR Team; they have the most high-rated and interesting gossips going around the office (So, I will have to provide gossip rather than take one). The other team I would like to switch my role with would be the sales team, as I have looked forward to polishing my communication skills a bit more than what it is right now.

The best part about eWards?

The company and all our products are very dynamic, I have seen this with Sir, Manish, Ashish and the team that we try to make our products as dynamic as possible. And yes, the fact that the organization is mostly made of young blood with lots of enthusiasm, is indeed a confidence booster to the others working around, having like-minded people around makes me feel at home.

What is your biggest fear?

Since my school days, I have always had stage fear, and I was carrying that with me even when I joined eWards. The time that I joined Tech, we launched feedback, and it was a conference when I was giving my first presentation; I was nervous, but with time I got opportunities to conduct sessions in small gatherings with new product launches, and with that gradually all the stammering and nervousness started laying low.

Your most favourite product?

(Laughs) It has to be the feedback module :)

Your most memorable moment at eWards?

There are a few to name. The first was when Manish (the then head of the tech team) assured a client that we will deliver a feature of the feedback module within a week, but we winded it up in 3 days. The second was when we went International. It needed an insane number of efforts as it was almost an entire system revamp — So a crazy amount of work was needed here.

Yeah, in terms of chill scenes, we have had so many office parties which have been really enjoyable. The one which we recently had in 2021 was indeed a great one, but yes in the ending days when I used to go to the 6th floor, I had a bit of nostalgia seeing the corner seat where I used to sit during my internship days.

Oh yes! How can I forget Hungry Hunter….

Your best friend(s) at eWards?

….. (after a bit of hesitation) This is a very difficult and controversial topic to speak on — But after working across almost all the teams for so long, I would still try to answer it in the best way I can.

Ummm, so I have different Gangs at work — One with the Tech Team, one from Sales and Servicing and one which is an amalgamation of Tech and Finance team- All have been completely different companies for fun at work and I tend to enjoy equally with all of them….

Any suggestions for the newbies?

I think you need to be patient and dedicated to your work. Especially working as an Analyst, you really need to be street smart with the work. When I had joined and I knew nothing about tech but the company has been very patient with me and helped me grow my skills. You won’t be spoon-fed here, but you will definitely be helped by anyone you reach out to.

Just remember to pick up every opportunity that comes your way and do justice to the portfolio of the tasks assigned to you, you will not have to worry about your future endeavours ever after.

For my ending note, I would say that working with Abhishek Sir has been a different experience altogether. When I started, I was terrified talking to Sir but over time it has got better day by day. Anywhere that I get stuck, or I get confused as to what has to be done, approaching Sir does not feel very embarrassing now. Sir has been a constant motivation for me throughout the journey. This Open-Door Policy here with which I can talk freely with anyone out here is indeed helpful.

The last 2.5 years of the Game of Life have indeed been quite memorable for me!



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