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Practicing what we preach: How we deliver the “whole package”

At eWards, we are lucky and proud to be associated with amazing partners who chose to believe in us.

Because to us, the customer is not the king, he’s just a part of the family.

So should you decide to hop aboard with us, this is what’s going to happen:

  1. A dedicated team is assigned to you. Feel free to ask even the smallest query, share the simplest suggestions, and even think aloud. You’ll always find a friendly ear here.
  2. Two servicing managers lead the team and a WhatsApp group is created. We have one dedicated to each member of the tree! Unlike any other company where you can only email or call their customer care number, here at eWards, we provide our partners the fastest grievance solution by simply pinging us at any time of the day. Speed is everything!
  3. We’re big on personalizing everything that we can, and we assist you in doing the same. No matter when and how you want a product to be tailored to your business, we’ll try our best to do it.
  4. We don’t want you to miss the little celebrations, such as Chocolate Day, World Ocean Day or Mother’s Day. So every month, you shall receive a calendar with not only the special events’ days, but also some ideas and examples of how you can make the most of it.
  5. Moreover, if you want to run a special campaign for your customers, we can help you sort and seek innovative ideas. And then we’ll help you implement them. And then we’ll help you track its performance.

Our servicing experts always strive for high-quality output and honor their commitments.

So now you know– when we say complete business solutions, we mean it.

Furthermore, we value feedback for our system and develop fruitful features accordingly. We assist in data analysis, identifying the weak points, strategizing for improvements in the business and also in providing daily reports as per the requirement.

Perhaps this is why our retention rate is high. eWards not only gives you a product, but also a backend solution.

See for yourself.



email- info@myewards.com



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