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Replacing Paper with Digital Alternatives

Abhrajyoti & Chirag

It is obvious that customers now expect businesses to maintain much more hygiene and quicker turnaround times. They want to find your outlet, make appointments and bookings, and pay online with a tap on the mobile screen. Most importantly, they want to avoid contact with anyone, unless absolutely necessary.

Digital revolution is beneficial, not just for the health of our planet but also for the individual daily operations of a sustainable business. With the amelioration of technology, manual processes involving paper, pencils and spreadsheets will go extinct.

How do you make the switch?

Let’s take the example of restaurants. Restaurants spend an awful lot of time and resources on manual tasks that, more often than not, essentially involves shuffling stacks of paper.

Now, let’s reimagine the scenario!

· Online inventory to improve tracking, forecast demand, easy reorder and more.

· Digital invoices that can be sent and received over the cloud.

· Customers can scan a QR with their mobile to reach the brand website.

· Easily editable digital menu that can be displayed on website or mobile app.

· Upselling opportunities with attractive visual ads on the app, while also enhancing processing speed.

· Options for making reservations, order takeaway or getting doorstep delivery online.

· Digital bills for better record-keeping and deliver better customer experience.

· Prompt feedback from your customers with an interactive digital form.

It’s only a matter of ditching the stacks of paper in favour of the cost-effective digital equivalents with real time insights on efficient and seamless operations.

Leveling the playing field in the post-COVID era

In the post-COVID world, competitive businesses will only opt for advanced software, apps, and tailored fit websites that promote contactless experiences. An e-commerce website and mobile app for your own outlet also lets you advertise your menu items, discounted offerings and ongoing membership programs. With a tool like geo-fencing you will be able to target your customers based on their real time location, creating a niche market only specific to your business. Expanding your online presence lets you connect with your customers in a more personalized manner, getting them sticky to your brand.

For too long, small businesses have been left behind by technology. But now eWards is here to help you usher in a new era of innovation, letting SMEs compete with industry leaders while delivering the best customer experience.



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