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Smart Retail Marketing: Playing with a consumers’ Needs and Preferences!

Do generic campaigns enhance an individual consumer’s experience with Your Brand? 40% of consumers purchase more from retailers that provide a personalised shopping experience across channels! So, how will you personalise marketing based on an individual consumer’s needs and preferences?

You need to have a smart CRM tool that will not only help you to analyse individual consumers’ Needs and Preferences but also reach out to them in an automated and hyper-personalised fashion. The applications of a system like this can be endless and immense. Let’s look at a type of marketing campaign that can be executed with a system like this: SKU Repurchase Campaign!

Imagine a lifestyle brand that deals in beauty products like body lotions, lip balms, shampoo, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you get a reminder to buy any of these products when you are running low on the same? This will be a mind exploding form of customer engagement. Wait, how will this be possible?

Customer Experience is the new Battlefield. 33% of businesses want to improve customer retention with the help of enhanced customer experience. With eWards advanced CRM suite, you can start to analyse consumers’ purchasing patterns and segment them under different buckets according to what they purchased. A person who buys lip balms with the brand and has an average spend of INR 500 per visit will be different than someone who loves to buy their entire skincare regime and spends more than INR 2000 per visit. So, what’s next?

With Automation, you can easily set up campaigns that will reach out to consumers, individually and remind them to make purchases with the brand. What’s the best part about these campaigns? These campaigns can be triggered through Omni-channel media, hence, covering the likes of Social Media, Instant Messaging, Push Notifications and emails! Most marketers believe that the average engagement rate of campaigns using three or more channels was 18.96% across all channels, while single-channel campaigns earned only 5.4%.

This is where most of the brands are likely end their campaigns! But before they hit the stop button consider the untapped potential of audiences who are yet to act on the campaign and make a purchase with the brand? The campaign will be left incomplete, and the brand will lose out on potential revenue. Hence, with eWards advanced CRM suite, the system will automatically reach out to these consumers, who have not made a purchase with an added incentive to drive them to buy the products.

This will continue each month, ensuring that there are repeat purchases happening. These efforts are bound to increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers of any brand, and also inculcate loyalty towards the brand! In theory, campaigns like these help brands to mint money. But, imagine an ecosphere where you can implement this on a real-time basis, make people aware of their purchases, target them on the basis of their interests, run desirable offers on these products and drive them to take an action by making them purchase these products. This is possible with ACE — eWards advanced CRM suite.

For queries and demos, contact us at https://ace.myewards.com/



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