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Sneak peek into the journey of a calm, composed & fierce servicing head

She always wears a bright smile on her face and tries to tackle every challenge with her calmness- but she can also make a serious face now and then and still be one of the friendliest colleagues you’ll meet- Introducing Sweta, who started as the quiet but avid listener and has grown into one of the most reliable ones in Social Neeti.

We start by learning about her journey-

Okay, so my whole journey at Social Neeti would be a spontaneous one- I had joined in March 2020, and when I had initially joined, I was a bit unsure about how long I would be here but with things falling into place, here I am (still here yess!!). My journey would be defined by every moment of happiness, moments of hard times, and with all the lessons that I have learnt along the way.

Balancing my work-home life can be a little challenging since I joined all I’ve seen is work from home (yes it’s been WFH for a long time). Sometimes I need to work beyond normal work hours, sometimes it can feel a bit challenging but balancing it with quality family time helps quite a lot.

When it comes to my peers, Social Neeti has always been a friendly environment- same age, more or less the same college, it’s really welcoming and a great work experience. Even on my first day, it wasn’t really difficult to communicate.

What will you define as success?

I think when my work gets recognized and I feel happy about it. There have been several times when Swarna Ma’am has appreciated my work and that feels good, that is how I would define success.

One of the best things about working at Social Neeti is being able to work independently- you have like-minded people all around you, you have supportive CEOs who gives you the freedom to lead your team in your way, and most importantly you have the opportunity to learn a lot of things.

The people here are amazing, and the biggest advantage is that most of them are more or less in the same age group, so there’s work, there’s fun and there’s never a dull moment or a feeling of not belonging.

When it comes to my biggest fear it always has to be getting yelled at/being questioned by clients, that is why I ALWAYS double-check every post I make, it can be challenging but it is worth the effort.

And as far as my embarrassed moment is concerned (not going into details) was when I started crying over phone while talking to ma’am. (No questions on the why :P)

Your most memorable moments and lessons from Social Neeti?

There are a few, first when I woke up in the morning to congratulatory messages — turns out Siddhi and I were the employee of the month and it was the first time that someone from the servicing team was the employee of the month.

Secondly, would be when I became the head of the servicing team, it is a wonderful learning experience — my team is wonderful and I love working with the responsibilities that I have.

Coming to the lessons, I have learnt that you need patience at work, that you should not get de-motivated no matter how difficult it gets at times. And you also have amazing people around you

who will instantly lift you up. I’ve made some amazing friends here too- Sahil, Nanica, Sarthak to name a few.

Last, but not the least my word of advice for the new joinees would be pretty simple- we all come here with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and it will require patience to learn. Keep up the work and you’ll learn, grow and thrive.



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