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The Future of CRM: What should Businesses expect?

CRM Software is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Businesses all over the world are adopting the software in a widespread manner, from small businesses to global organisations. A CRM is known to increase customer retention rates by a minimum of 27% resulting in higher profits after each use. In a survey conducted by ‘finances online’, it was found that a CRM is capable of boosting sales by 29%, productivity by 34% and forecast accuracy by 42%. The marketing and sales team are adopting Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software to deliver a better customer experience, acquire and retain customers, gain new customer-centric insights that improve the company’s operations for better customer satisfaction.

Loyalty, increased marketing ROI and personalised interaction with customers are among the key takeaway points that empower the adoption of the CRM software. Customers are having dynamic changes with regard to the services provided by the companies. The focus has shifted from customer experience to optimum customer satisfaction ensuring 100% retainment and loyalty. CRMs are predicted to boost a company’s conversion rates by 300% ensuring higher sales and revenue.

Retaining customers is a tough job that requires proper strategizing of marketing plans and ideas. To make better plans, a company needs to harness information and that’s where a CRM steps in. The marketing strategies are built on the foundation of data, insights and customer-driven decisions, thus, improving the customer lifetime value, loyalty and repurchases. It helps the companies in determining what the customers expect, why they’re expecting it and how to deliver products or services that exceed their expectations.

The future of CRM depends on the ability of the companies to follow up on the changing needs and trends — driven by customer satisfaction. With the data at the companies disposal, customers expect to have a detailed conversation regarding their demands. With a CRM’s exceptional customer insight, the intelligence provides companies with a predictive accuracy of when and where to target in order to deliver measurable results.

Ace by eWards is an Automated CRM and customer engagement tool that effectively targets, segments and helps you communicate with your customers efficiently. It is a cost-friendly service that provides crucial insights and information to business owners that helps them make better business decisions. It boosts your sales while reducing your operational costs at the same time. It is an all-in-one business solution for brands and business owners anytime, anywhere.

For queries and demos, contact us at https://www.myewards.com/




eWards is an all-in-one solution to manage your business from anywhere. The extensive suite of feature-rich connected products enhances customer experience.

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eWards is an all-in-one solution to manage your business from anywhere. The extensive suite of feature-rich connected products enhances customer experience.

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