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Touchless biometric systems for progressive businesses

contact less attendence software

COVID-19 has currently disrupted everyone’s way of life. We are all occupied in searching for effective strategies to tackle the current situation. Enter the age of contactless biometric systems- where you can use your very own in-house no-touch software, get rid of unnecessary contact with surfaces altogether!

Organizations are making responsible improvements to employee experience at the office. Given the pandemic scare and the fact that businesses are motivated to take as many precautions against transmission by contact surfaces as possible, it’s only prudent to introduce contactless ways to do things at work.

Progressive innovation is an important factor in every business process. And thanks to our creative streak, we have been using our internal contactless login system for our team for well over two years now! Our HR team used our system’s mobile QR code scanning feature to track employee attendance.

Moreover, off late our employees have been logging in and out of work using our new, advanced Facial Recognition System that also includes emotion detection. Signing in at work is literally as simple as taking a selfie.

Non-touch and infection-free attendance systems that are connected remotely through the cloud are the need of the hour. So we are making our contactless employee attendance and login solutions available to those who need it.

Given the recent chain of events, minimizing anxiety caused due to unnecessary surface contact is required. The inbuilt mood analyzing feature of the system helps us promote physical as well as mental well-being of our employees, and we are helping businesses do the same!

No-contact is not a form of practice any longer, but a conscious lifestyle choice that businesses are striving to adopt, or at the very least, adapt to. And eWards is here to assist you in making the change. Connect with us at- info@myewards.com



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