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MyFi Distribution and MyFi Foundation Fund

In the first phase, the total MYFI minted is 28000 which is 35% from the total max supply as listed as below:

  1. For the Community Reward a total of 11760 MYFI {0xa92727d3fcb1598babcc7d4c6e4e38e959ad5f16} which is 14.70%,
  2. For Liquidity a total of 9380 MYFI {0xa8d0d63e21fce0ea4b21774b8570ab84343b2d90} which is 11.725%,
  3. For Marketing, Development & Team 6580 MYFI {0xcb8493382cc1134dcb933e881ee2d5013325096d} which is 8.225% ,
  4. For the Advisor a total of 280 MYFI {0x417b627407eee4fbdb15b489514941cdbc91115eS} 0.35%.

We already minted for Marketing, Development & Team as much as 8.225% equals to 6580 MYFI. MyFi Foundation has gain funds amounting to 110 Ethereum from the team.

For the first series of private sale a total of 10 Ethereum {0xa92727d3fcb1598babcc7d4c6e4e38e959ad5f16} were gain and in the second series, MyFi managed to get 100 Ethereum {0xa8d0d63e21fce0ea4b21774b8570ab84343b2d90}. MyFi liquidity will lock for 95 Ethereum together with 7600 MyFi for first liquidity round.

The total allocation for the foundation team is 6580 which are 8.225% from phase 1 distribution and will be divided in the near future. The distribution is listed as below.

The total percentage for Foundation Allocation is 13% which have a total of 3640 MyFi and the first phase minted from the foundation allocation is 4.55%.

Next, the total marketing allocation is 6.50% which is equal to 1820 MyFi and the first phase that is allocated is 2.275% which is 1120 MyFi.

Lastly, for the other development allocation for the total MyFi allocated is 4% which is 3200 MyFi and for the phase 1, only 1.4% MyFi is allocated.











DeFi Liquidity Aggregators Protocol that running on ERC20 Smart Contract to give traders a Better & Secure way in DeFi market

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My Finance ( MYFI ) is Cutting edge technology of DeFi Liquidity Aggregators Protocol dex platform that running on ERC20 Smart Contract.

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