Mygrate is (finally) live.

Yeah we know… we said this before.

We announced it on Facebook, through our blog and even via email with a dedicated campaign.

Mygrate was supposed to be live on the 4th of October as a Private Beta release.

It was not.

However, if you are now reading this story, Mygrate is 100% live.

What is a Private Beta Release?

It’s a version of a website/platform/app that is ok to use, but not quite complete. There could be bugs, errors or things that are not really straightforward. The user experience might not be that good.

That’s fine.

Things will change and improve. Our early adopters help us making things better with their feedback, which will be analysed and scheduled as a future change to implement.

A Private Beta release, therefore, is also a collaborative version of a website, where founders, developers and users are more connected than ever and are almost working together on making things better for everyone who will follow.

So what’s to gain?

Well, any existing Startup in the known universe (including alien worlds), is literally famished of feedback.

We crave feedback.
We breath feedback.
We want feedback.
We need feedback.

In exchange, we give special access to our platform, which means:

  • special offer to our pre-assessed migrants’ profiles;
  • access to super screened profiles which are ready to relocate asap;
  • special price to our membership;

So what next?

From here, things will get pretty hectic.

Mygrate will stay in a “private beta” status for a while, then it’ll be released to the public. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any new users in the meantime. We are always promoting our pre-assessment page in order to let people start the process to contact our Migration Experts.

Sounds interesting?

You can be part of this.

Please contact our team at and we will happily discuss your involvement in Mygrate’s early stage.

Meanwhile, have a look around: