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week 2

I already tried to prepare myself to not expect a miraculous progress on my recovery (lol, at week 2), but it’s still hard not to hope for the best. I went for my next appointment — this time a different doctor was following up with me.

First, RIP splint. To be honest, the moment the ortho tech was cutting it open, I was pretty terrified. After getting use to this hunk of rock, it had grew on me and it was my protective measure. Good thing was, my arm looked straight and it had finally gotten some light and fresh air after a long week of being confined in darkness and gauze. She put me in the Sarimento Brace, and the whole process was actually not that painful. Dude, the brace was >$200!! The tech told me that I can start doing some passive ROM exercises like extending my arm (it was terribly sore from being the 90 degree position most of the time). Then I was sent off for my x-ray.

Doc said my x-ray looks about the same as last week. This doc made my injury sound so much worse than the previous one. I asked again what the healing time was, and this time it was 4–6 months, and at least 8 weeks in the brace. Still no weight bearing, continue with exercises + arm extension, still sleep reclined, not flat+ no driving. :( Upon reviewing my x-ray up closely I was pretty bummed because it looks like my bones have shifted and not as aligned anymore (but he said that it had looked the same as last week and was fine?). I was pretty bummed for the rest of the day, as I thought I was already adhering to all of the instructions of immobilizing my arm — hence why didn’t I get the expected result?

The first night in the brace was alright. While walking around, I definitely felt a lot more flimsy and vulnerable now that my elbow is free, I can sometimes feel my elbow is “wobbly”. At night, my arm felt weird. I started to notice more fluid pooling in my elbow and forearm, it was edematous; pitting :(. I also felt as if I had a muscle cramp…or is this what pain felt like from my fracture? This time the doc prescribed me T3’s, so I took one for the night.

The next night, while readjusting my brace I noticed “why in the world is the top of the brace wedged into my deltoid as oppose to sitting snug around my shoulder?” The brace is a 2-piece and so it has to move as a unit, so when I tried to adjust it up over my shoulder, the inner piece is wedged up into my armpit. I had to go back to the clinic the next day strictly to see the ortho tech (different one). He cautioned me that the next size up might be too big, but was willing to try it out — and it was much more comfortable, and secure around my humerus. That night we removed the brace and wiped down my arm + lotion’d it for the first time. Boy it felt sooo good!!!!!

Sleep was still a forever struggle. Everyday I woke up at around 7 because my body has deemed it has adequately rested, and cannot stand to be in this semi sitting position any longer. I ended up being pretty perched onto my right side, that sometimes I felt like at this point… I might as well totally sleep on my side. Gravity cannot help me like this. But still…my paranoia sits in, and I remain as is.

As the days went on, I gradually let my arm out from the sling more and more. When I’m at home, usually if I’m sitting, I’ll have it out and extended at a comfortable position. I would also stand up and hold my wrist in place where the cuff would be and move it up and down, but I found that was too aggressive for me at week 2.

For the next couple of days, I slowly re-entered back into the world… in terms of seeing people and being out more to get fresh air. I noticed my arm swelled up more, even down to my palm/hand. :( Fat hands always reminds me of The Nutty Professor. I kept up doing my arm extensions. By the end of the week, I’m still oh veryy FAR from being straight..but there’s a LITTLE progress. I also started to feel some “clicking” in my arm. It’s weird — not sure how to describe it. But sometimes even when I’m just walking or even now when I try to do my arm exercises, I feel some “clicking” going on. Don’t know if that’s normal.

My goal is to lose the cuff/collar sling by the end of next week.

Added exercises for week 2:

  • Passive ROM arm extensions
Like wthec…the top part is fully wedged into my deltoid.
Post-Brace Change — looks MUCH better!



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