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Hanbitco x MYKEY:Trading & 2000KEY+0.5EOS+$2 Network Fee Airdrop Activity

Hi everyone,

MYKEY token (KEY) is officially listed on the Hanbitco exchange. In order to provide users with more benefits, we jointly launched the “Trading Competition & 0.5EOS + 2,000KEY + $ 2 Network Fee Airdrop” activity with Hanbitco. For more details, please view the following content:

“Trading Competition & 0.5EOS+2,000KEY+$2 Network Fee Airdrop”

Part 1.

Trading Competition

Activity time: April 16th(16:00:00KST), 2020 — April 19th(23:59:59KST), 2020


1. The top trader with the highest trading volumn of KEY/USDT within the activity will get 400 000 KEY tokens,

2nd — 350 000 KEY,

3rd — 250 000KEY,

4th — 150 000KEY,

5th — 100 000KEY,

6th — 75 000KEY,

From 7th to 20th 50 000 KEY tokens will be rewarded.

2. The total trading reward is 2,025,000key.

3. The KEY reward will be issued to your hanbitco account ID after this activity is over.

Part 2.

Join MYKEY telegram (MYKEY_Community_KR) to get 0.5EOS+2,000KEY airdrop and $2 network fee

Activity time: April 16th(12:00:00KST), 2020 — April 26th(23:59:59KST), 2020

Reward: 0.5EOS+2,000KEY+$2 network fee per person (network fee can be used in MYKEY as GAS/ram/CPU fee)


1.Join MYKEY telegram (MYKEY_Community_KR) and add the MYKEY admin (mykey_korea) to provide the following messages:

① Hanbitco account ID

② MYKEY account address (ETH or EOS), please download MYKEY( and enable a MYKEY account.

2. The 0.5EOS & 2000KEY reward will be issued to your hanbitco account ID, and another $2 network fee reward will be issued to your MYKEY account after this activity is over.

3. The first 2500 users will be rewarded. The first come, first served.

Please pay attention to here:

1. About the airdrop, users need to provide both your Hanbitco ID and your any MYKEY account. these two messages are indispensable.

2.The activity is only for Korean users.

About MYKEY:

MYKEY is a smart wallet deployed in multiple public blockchains and is dedicated to providing an infrastructure for blockchain mass adoption. As a decentralized multi-chain wallet, MYKEY allows blockchain developers to develop and operate applications on digital asset storage, trading, financial management, and gaming in conjunction with KEY ID to create a diversity platform for crypto users.

The characteristics of MYKEY are when the user’s account is lost, it can be easily frozen and recovered, and there is no need to manage the resources of multiple public blockchains. The developers can realize various profit models such as free for users, post-charge and pre-charge actions. Furthermore, MYKEY is part of the Web of Trust. In the era of Web 3.0, MYKEY returns data sovereignty to users, which fundamentally protects users’ privacy.

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