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MYKEY and IRISnet Established a Strategic Partnership

MYKEY has established a strategic partnership with IRISnet. MYKEY’s technologies, including the cutting-edge Smart Wallet and digital identity, and also MYKEY’s ecosystem is brought to IRISnet’s internet of blockchains, further facilitating the construction of next generation distributed applications and application blockchains. Meanwhile, IRISnet will also provide MYKEY cross-chain services through their practical and reliable cross-chain technologies, not only protecting the security of users’ private data but also enabling users to easily experience smooth and convenient blockchain applications like DeFi. MYKEY and IRISnet will continue to innovate through close collaboration, and jointly contribute to the prosperity and development of the blockchain ecosystem.

The two parties will carry out in-depth collaboration in many aspects such as technical support and market development:

Digital identity:

MYKEY will provide industry-leading digital identity and Smart Wallet solutions and technology in this collaboration. At the same time, IRISnet plans to bring KEYID products and technology into the IRISnet and Cosmos ecosystems through developing on-chain distributed identity(DID) modules to further protect user data and privacy in the cross-chain ecosystem.

MYKEY’s founder, Gulu, expresses that “ IRISnet is the first self-evolutionary BPoS network built with Cosmos SDK. MYKEY is happy to collaborate with IRISnet and has the opportunity to expand our technical products to IRISnet and Cosmos network ecosystem, address customer concerns about losing their accounts, and provide data security support. ”

Cross-chain services:

IRISnet will provide cross-chain services for MYKEY Smart Wallet and other products: through IRISnet’s interchain service hub, MYKEY network will be able to connect to blockchains supported by IRISnet, and jointly provide end-users with smooth and convenient cross-chain DeFi and asset management experience.

Harriet Cao, the co-founder of IRISnet, remarks that “as a multi-chain smart wallet, MYKEY lowered the barrier for users to experience the digital life, and on the other hand, the cross-chain capability of IRISnet lowered the entrance barrier for service providers and consumers. I believe that, through in-depth collaborations with MYKEY and taking advantage of our strengths, cross-chain service experiences and private data and asset management will be greatly facilitated, pushing forward the practical and pervasive applications of blockchains.”


MYKEY ( is a smart wallet implemented on multiple public blockchains. It is dedicated to providing foundational infrastructure for the large-scale implementation of blockchains. Through cryptocurrency storage, trading, wealth management, gaming, and community, MYKEY constructs a one-stop digital life platform for its users. On MYKEY, users can gain free accounts as well as resources for internet usage. Users are also able to freeze and restore accounts when private keys get lost. MYKEY is also a building block of Web of Trust. Furthermore, in the context of Web 3.0, MYKEY turns data ownership back to users, protecting user privacy from the ground up.

About IRISnet

IRIS Network (a.k.a. IRISnet) is designed to be the foundation for next generation distributed business applications — a BPoS Blockchain that is self-evolutionary.The development team of IRISnet include Bianjie, a team that won multiple grand prizes on technological innovation, and Tendermint, a world-renowned team that created the Tendermint consensus engine and Cosmos project.

IRISnet dev teams include Bianjie (, a national award-winning blockchain technology team based in Shanghai, and Tendermint (, the world-famous team that created the Tendermint consensus engine and the Cosmos project.

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