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MYKEY 1st Anniversary, Thanks for your Company

Hi everyone,

MYKEY has been officially launched for a year. In this year of rapid growth, MYKEY has experienced growth from 0 to 1. On August 20, 2019, MYKEY was officially launched and initiated ‘Invite your Friends to Digital Life’ activity. The number of assisted users officially exceeded 100,000 on November 10 and MYKEY quickly established itself on EOS and became the most popular wallet on EOS. In 2020, our step has accelerated further. On January 15, MYKEY officially supports Ethereum, entering the Multi-Chain era. On February 17, MYKEY officially launched the international version to provide one-stop digital life services for global users. On March 12, when the industry was in a downturn, MYKEY financial management was officially launched, seemed a dramatic day at the time, but it laid the foundation for the next hot liquid mining. On June 20, MYKEY Swap was launched and began to support the NFT feature. On July 28, MYKEY officially supported BTC.

As the world’s first smart wallet supporting multi-chain, MYKEY also did these things this year:

1. Assisting 8,468 assisted users in recovering their accounts and protecting the property of users worth $1,772,398.5 from loss through the Emergency Contact Mechanism.

2. Solving the resource threshold problem of different public blockchains through Network Fees, providing users with 17,797 free transfers of Ethereum, and providing excellent DAPP on EOS with free Network Fees.

3. Decentralized saving users’ assets worth tens of millions of dollars through the security mechanism of the KEY ID protocol and fully empowering users’ assets through features such as Swap, Transaction, and Financing.


1. We provide users with the most convenient DeFi financial management with the fast, free operation and low threshold.

2. We provide users with the most smooth MYKEY Swap service to help users easily buy tokens at lightning speed.

3. We have access to dozens of third-party open Dapps to empower the entire blockchain application ecosystem.

The vision of digital identity is beginning to take shape. Users can log in to many tokenized Dapps through MYKEY without password, including:

  • Bihu-the top cryptocurrency community
  • ChainNews-the leading Chinese crypto media
  • Hashkey Hub-One-stop digital asset management platform
  • Deepcoin-digital asset financial service platform

Next, we will:

Support TRON

Launch the Aggregated Automated Market Maker

Launch the Aggregated OTC

Increase Exchange channels to the Aggregated Swap

Access more DeFi projects to Financial management

Support ZKSync

Support Aggregated Transactions

Support ETH 2.0 pledge

With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, the rapid development of open financial dapps, and the ever-growing paradigm shift, MYKEY, as the leader of smart wallet track, will consolidate the infrastructure, further lower the threshold for users, and become a new portal for users to enter the blockchain industry.


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MYKEY ( is a self-sovereign identity system implemented on multiple public blockchains.

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