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[MYKEY Members’ Day] Wonderful Sudoku Activity Continuing!

Hi everyone,

MYKEY Members’ Day comes as expected in March! Although the cryptocurrency market is in a cold winter, MYKEY will still present spring-like warmth to the community. We continued the form of Sudokus of February, you can get rewards after completing tasks, for more details, please view the following content:

1. Activity details

Complete tasks and get more draw

(1) Enable MYKEY EOS account to get 1 lucky draw.
(2) Use MYKEY hongbao feature to send 100KEY hongbao(on EOS) to 10 persons to get 1 lucky draw.
(3) Send 1KEY with suggestions to MYKEY in Memo to get 1 lucky draw.
(4) Invite 2 free sign-up users to get 2 more draw. It can be done only once.

2. Activity rules

(1) Users can draw on the activity page after completing tasks.
(2) The number of draw can be got by completing tasks and you need to manually claim. For details, please view “Complete tasks and get more draw”.
(3) The number of draw is valid only on the day after claiming. The number of draw will be reset at 8:00 on the next day. Please draw as soon as possible after claiming.
(4) If getting the number of draw is delayed after completing tasks, please be patient.
(5) The KEY reward will be sent to your MYKEY account soon.
(6) Sudokus activity is from 12:00 on March 20, 2020, to 15:00 on March 31, 2020(UTC+8).

There was a delay in sending February prizes because of the impact of the epidemic, thank you for your understanding. Besides, please rest assured that March prizes are sent instantly. Let’s complete tasks and welcome the surprise of March!

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