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MYKEY Officially Released the International Version to Provide One-Stop Digital Life Services for Global Users

Hi everyone,

Since MYKEY launched on August 20 last year, according to the mission of promoting the large-scale landing of blockchain, MYKEY provides Chinese community users with free blockchain accounts, free network resources, recoverable Internet-level application experiences, and one-stop digital life services from digital asset storage, wealth management to games, and communities.

Up to now, MYKEY has accumulated a total of 130,000+ Chinese identity authentication users, provided account recovery services for 4,206 users, held 6 monthly Members’ Day activities, and launched more than 50 DAPP activities, with 20,000+ daily active users. MYKEY has taken a solid first step in providing smart wallet services for global users and building a self-sovereign identity system. On February 17, 2020, MYKEY officially released the international version to provide one-stop digital life services for global users.

The following is a guide for international users, please read carefully:

1. About MYKEY


3. Get free blockchain accounts

4. Get free network resources

5. Provide account recovery services worldwide

6. Attention (emergency contacts / help center /join the MYKEY community)

1. About MYKEY

MYKEY ( is a smart wallet based on multiple public blockchains. It creates a one-stop digital life platform for users from digital asset storage, wealth management to games, and communities. Users can get free blockchain accounts, free network resources in MYKEY and when their accounts are lost, they can easily unfreeze and recover accounts.

MYKEY and BIHU(the largest blockchain social media platform in China) belong to same parent company named KEY GROUP. The KEY token is a utility token on BIHU and MYKEY, with a total amount of 100 billion, and no additional issue. It is used to incentivize high-quality content of BIHU, tokens used in the MYKEY DAPP, purchase of network fees, advertising and other scenarios.


The KEY ID is an open-source self-sovereign identity protocol(For the description of KEY ID, please refer to MYKEY: a Trustless Beauty of Balance — a Brief Introduction to the Design of KEY ID Protocol). It is a smart contract deployed on the blockchain network, MYKEY is the first application implementation of the KEY ID. MYKEY Lab does not store users’ identity information and only keeps the calculated hash. This hash will be used as the basis for identifying the user’s identity when helping users recover their account. As a non-custodian wallet, MYKEY does not hold and help users keep their private keys and have no authority and possibilities to manipulate users’ digital currencies.

3. Get Free Blockchain Accounts

We will provide free blockchain accounts to users (to ensure the security of the user’s account, MYKEY account only supports free registration of KYC users for the time being). MYKEY Lab promises to subsidize the cost of enabling and using accounts for a long time.

4. Get Free Network Resources

MYKEY uniformly refers to the resource system of the supported public chain as network fees. Users do not need to manage different resources of each public chain by themselves. No CPU/NET/RAM, Gas or ETH is required, as long as you have network fees, ERC20 tokens can be transferred. We will provide global users with a $1.5 worth of network fees. Besides, users can get an extra $0.5 network fees reward for each new KYC user they invite.

5. Provide Account Recovery Services Worldwide

MYKEY has a trustless recovery mechanism and introduces emergency contacts. When the user’s account is lost, it can be retrieved through an emergency contact. At this stage, MYKEY Lab will be added as an emergency contact by default when users register real-name accounts. When users’ devices or recovery phrases are lost, they can recover the account by asking MYKEY Lab for help(only real-name registered users enjoy this service now).

6. Attention

(1) Notice for emergency contact service: The emergency contact service only provides services in Chinese and English for the time being, and the working time is 6:00 am UTC-12:00 am UTC. More languages and more time zones will be added in the future.

(2) Help Center: The user can get the MYKEY guide and FAQ through the help center, and submit the request to MYKEY Lab by using the support system. How to access: open the website or enter from “Me” > “About us” in the app.

(3) Join the MYKEY community: Please add the MYKEY assistant telegram number: mykeytothemoon, or directly join the telegram group: , or you can interact with us via Twitter:

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