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MYKEY, the First Smart Wallet on TRON Starts a Public Beta, Come to Claim Airdrop

Hi everyone,

From now on, MYKEY officially supports TRON and starts a public beta, airdropping 80,000 TRX to users. TRON is the third blockchain supported by MYKEY after EOS and Ethereum.

TRON protocol is one of the world’s largest blockchain-based decentralized application operating system protocols, providing high throughput, high scalability, and high reliability of the underlying public blockchain support for the operation of decentralized applications on the protocol. MYKEY, as the world’s first multi-chain smart wallet, will provide users with free TRON accounts and convenient wallet services after accessing TRON, helping users to use financial management, games, and other rich applications more conveniently on TRON.

Simple and Without Threshold

MYKEY wraps the TRON gas billing system so that users do not need to own TRX and actively manage the original energy and bandwidth on TRON.

Transfer for free

Users enabling Tron accounts can transfer for free for a limited time in MYKEY (the free use policy is subject to the latest official announcement).

The account can be retrieved

Based on the KEY ID contract design mechanism, the MYKEY assisted users’ TRON accounts can be retrieved through the emergency contact when the TRON account is lost.

MYKEY, the world’s first multi-chain smart wallet, is also the first smart wallet on TRON.

Airdrop 80,000 TRX for beta users

1. Entrance: [Home] — [Enable TRON Account] in MYKEY
2. Period: September 8, 2020, 12:00 — September 15, 2020, 12:00(UTC+8), enable MYKEY Tron accounts during the activity to get 10 TRX.
3. The number of rewards: Limited to the first 8,000, and each user can get 1 reward. The rewards will be automatically distributed to your TRON account within 3 working days after the activity ends.
4. Add WeChat of MYKEY Assistant: send “tron” to any MYKEY Assistant to join the MYKEY TRON Internal Test Community. If you don’t have WeChat of any MYKEY Assistant, please add MYKEY №6 Assistant: mykeytothemoon6, more benefits are waiting for you in the community.

Security Audit

The contract code of the KEY ID protocol has passed the security audit and formal verification of the top security organization SlowMist Technology. For details, please refer to Github.

Related contract addresses are shown:

Bounty Program

MYKEY security bounty program is ongoing for the long term. For details, please click:

Some Exchange Restrictions

The TRON account in MYKEY is a contract account, currently only some Exchanges support contract deposits (Binance/Huobi, Huobi only supports TRC20). Users can choose these Exchanges for depositing and trading (all withdrawals from the Exchange to MYKEY account are not affected).

If users inadvertently deposit to the Exchange that does not support smart contracts, users can send a ticket order to the Exchange, and in most cases, users will do manual receipt processing. If not properly handled, users can contact MYKEY for further assistance.

If the Exchange has supported contract deposit but not be listed, it can submit PR in github.

We believe a smart wallet will be an important product to help blockchain enter thousands of households. The consensus on smart contract needs to be established by the whole industry. MYKEY will work with partners to promote Exchange support smart contract deposit.

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