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MYKEY Weekly Report 13 (August 17th~August 23rd)

Today is Monday, August 24, 2020. The following is the 13th issue of MYKEY Weekly Report. In the work of last week (August 17th to August 23rd), there are mainly 7 updates:

1. MYKEY Co-founder Ricky appeared at EDCON 2020

On August 11th, MYKEY co-founder Ricky Shi gave a speech with the theme of ‘Smart Wallet: Blockchain to Mass Adoption’. Click to read:

2. MYKEY and IRISnet Established a Strategic Partnership

MYKEY has established a strategic partnership with IRISnet. We will continue to innovate through close collaboration, and jointly contribute to the prosperity and development of the blockchain ecosystem. Click to read:

3. We have listed CRV, ANT, BNT, and YFI in MYKEY Swap

Welcome to experience, entrance: Home — Swap in MYKEY

4. The fourteenth MYKEY Crypto Stablecoin Report was published

We release MYKEY Crypto Stablecoin Report every week to share our interpretation of the development status of stablecoins and analysis of their development trends to help the participants in the crypto market stay updated on the development status of stablecoin. The fourteenth Crypto Stablecoin Report was published on August 19th, click to read:

5. Open Finance Conference is ongoing

In the second week of the Open Finance Conference, the Panel: Exodus from Ethereum: DeFi-ready Chain started at 19:00(UTC+8) on August 19, the Stablecoin Panel: The Cryptocurrency Used by Bliiions of People started at 20:00(UTC+8) on August 19, and the Panel: Wallet&Interfaces started at 20:00 (UTC+8) on August 21.

6. MYKEY 1st Anniversary!

On August 20th, MYKEY has been officially launched for a year, thanks for your company. In this year of rapid growth, MYKEY has experienced growth from 0 to 1. In the future, MYKEY, as the leader of smart wallet track, will consolidate the infrastructure, further lower the threshold for users, and become a new portal for users to enter the blockchain industry. Click to read:

7. Celebrate MYKEY 1st Anniversary, come to win Anniversary Medals and deposit to share Network Fees

To thank everyone for your trust and company, MYKEY launched two anniversary events. Deposit BTC to share $4000 Network Fee event and retain USDT or ETH tokens in the wallet to win MYKEY anniversary medal, including 20 special medals. For more details, click to read:

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